Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Weekend Guide

For those who didn’t jump on the Ghost Recon Wildlands train when the game came out last year, it’s not too late! It’s been announced that there will be a Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend from September 20 to 23. During this time, anyone can pick up the game without dropping any bucks into Ubisoft‘s pocket, and there’ll be more to shoot at (and gawk at) than just singleplayer content. We break down what you’ll be able to do during this weekend, and what else new players can expect.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Weekend Guide — Free Weekend Content

As mentioned above, the free weekend is going to run for four days. This should give players ample time to crack into what Ubisoft is offering, and it’s looking like more of a meal than an appetizer at this stage. While free weekends usually give first-time players a taste of the title, it looks like we’ll be getting a mouthful. The official landing page for the Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend is pretty clear that the full game will be accessible on all platforms during this time.

This means that it won’t only be the singleplayer content that you’ll get the chance to try on. The full game also includes multiplayer and co-op game modes, and PCGamer has reported that there will be Year 2 content available as well as part of this drive. It looks like there won’t be any shortage of things to do with your mates this weekend if you’re going to be trying out the title for the first time. However, what do you do if you end up hooked on the game’s particular brand of justice?

Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Weekend Guide — What Happens Next

If you love the game and you just can’t get enough of drone-striking the lights out of your Bolivian adversaries, then you’re in luck! We’re not going to judge why you want to buy the game, but we will tell you this: your hours spent cutting a path through to the honchos of organized crime in Ghost Recon Wildlands won’t simply vanish once the free weekend is up. If you decide to fork out the bucks for the game proper, your progress will be saved and carried over so you can keep on murdering in style.

Another bonus if you decide to get your guns out during the free weekend is the fact that you’ll be able to get the full game at a 60% discount after some flexing. Not bad, hey? If there was ever a time to pick up Ghost Recon Wildlands, it’s most definitely now. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you on the Ghost War frontier if you’re game for it.