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PUBG Mobile Can’t Play With Friends Different Versions Error: Why Can’t I Team Up?

Many users are struggling to team up on PUBG Mobile. Battle royales are all about joining buddies but, as of right now, that’s not quite possible. Below, we’ll look at a probable PUBG Mobile can’t play with friends fix to ensure this doesn’t happen post-0.8.1 update and beyond, especially when it comes to the “different versions” error.

PUBG Mobile Can’t Play With Friends: Why Can’t I Team Up?

Complaints, such as the ones found on Reddit, would point to many PUBG Mobile users not being able to play with friends. You might even get a “different versions” error, which compounds matters further.

There’s actually a pretty simple reason for this: The PUBG Mobile 0.8.1 update is currently rolling out worldwide, but it differs from region-to-region and even OS to OS. As such, some people can’t update their game while some, maybe even in the same city or neighborhood, can. It’s frustrating, for sure, but you won’t have long to wait…

PUBG Mobile Can’t Play With Friends Fix

…and waiting is what you’re going to have to do. Until the 0.8.1 update is pushed out on to your device (you’ll be able to update it in-game if so). Keep an eye on proceedings by bookmarking the PUBG Twitter account, as well as PUBG Help on Twitter.

You can also manually see if you have an update on both iOS and Android by following this method:


  • Go to the App Store
  • Press the Updates tab
  • Scroll down and check if PUBG Mobile is available for update


  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Press the lines icon in the top-left hand portion of your screen
  • Check “My Apps and games” to see if an update for PUBG Mobile is waiting for you.

The new 0.8.1 version of PUBG has just rolled out as of September 19, so expect things to have cleared up within 24 hours. From now on, remember: these sorts of errors almost always stem from the game client not being updated, as annoying as it may be to hear.