Nintendo Switch 6.0.0 System Update: What’s Changed in the New Switch Patch?

The Nintendo Switch 6.0.0 system update is live. Trust me, this is big. Alongside the new changes in the Switch patch that we were already expecting, such as the Nintendo Switch Online service being pushed through, there’s a whole bunch of cool new features and presents waiting for us within the Nintendo Switch 6.0.0. update patch notes. Let’s sift through the changelog, then, shall we?

Nintendo Switch 6.0.0 System Update: What’s Changed in the New Switch Patch?

Let’s get the obvious stuff out the way: the Nintendo Switch Online system is live, plus all the bells, whistles, and NES games that come with it. That also includes the controversial Save Cloud Data Backup, which expires upon your subscription ending.

Screenshots and videos can now be uploaded to social media via your console, which was a much-requested feature. Having said that, only four screenshots can be uploaded at a time, and just the single video.

You can now play certain software on others’ consoles, thanks to the re-christened Primary Console system.

Last, but certainly not least, the Profile page has undergone a Toad makeover. I thought there wasn’t mushroom, but here we are: six Toad icons have been added for you to add as your profile picture.

Nintendo Switch 6.0.0 System Update: How to Download

The 6.0.0 update should start to download as soon as you turn your console on, as long as you’re connected to the internet. If that’s not working, head to “System Settings” and then scroll down to “System” and manually start it from there. If all else fails, Nintendo’s official advice is to… turn it off and on again. Seriously.

Nintendo Switch 6.0.0 System Update: Patch Notes

If you’re eager to pore over each and every aspect of the new Switch update, you can read through the Nintendo Switch 6.0.0 system update patch notes here.