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Lickitung Pokemon Go: Where to Find Lickitung in Pokemon Go

Catching a Lickitung in Pokemon Go isn’t like Ditto, Smeargle, or Kecleon. It’s been around and available since the early days of Pokemon Go, but that hasn’t stopped it from being something of a myth within the community. So why would you want a Lickitung, anyway? Other than the obvious Pokemon Go Pokedex list completion effort, Lickitung will gain the ability to evolve into Lickilicki in Pokemon Go Gen 4. We don’t expect it to break up the meta in any way, but it’s only going to get harder to gain candy for this Pokemon as more are introduced. Find them while you can, hold onto them, and maybe think about using them as a bargaining chip in Pokemon Go trades in the near future.

Lickitung Pokemon Go: Where to Find Lickitung in Pokemon Go

If you’re still without a Lickitung Pokemon Go or simply want to collect a few more for that precious candy, you’ll probably be wondering where to find Lickitung in Pokemon Go. The simple fact here is that there’s no easy way to track down this elusive Pokemon.

Lickitung Pokemon Go doesn’t typically nest like more common species of Pokemon, making community trackers like the Silph Road atlas more or less useless in your search for this particular Pokemon. You’ll have a much easier time finding it during the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event, but you don’t have long left to use that to your advantage.

On the plus side, Lickitung can be hatched from 5km eggs, meaning you won’t have to rely on simple dumb luck out in the field. Luck still plays a major part in hatching specific Pokemon from eggs, but it could make life a little easier. Just bear in mind that the 5km egg pool is greater than any other right now, meaning there’s a lower chance of you hatching Lickitung from a 5km than hatching a Snorlax from a 10km egg. It’s rough, but that’s how it goes.

Lickitung Pokemon Go: How To Beat the Lickitung Raid in Pokemon Go

By far the best method of finding Lickitung in Pokemon Go during the Ultra Bonus event is through the raid system. Lickitung joins the raid roster as a 2-Star raid boss during this Kanto-specific event. It’s a bulky brawler, but you’ll be able to make light work of it if you’re around level 15 with some decent fighting-type attackers like Machamp, Breloom, and Hariyama.