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Street Fighter 5 Dojos: How to Join Clans, Free Stage, Release Date, and More

Need a place to train with friends? Say hello to Street Fighter 5 Dojos. Part-training arena, part-community hub, the new introduction to the Arcade Edition of the game will allow you to join clans for the very first time in the series’ history. There’s a whole lot to talk about, too, including the chance to unlock a brand-new stage, and the imminent release date.

What are Street Fighter 5 Dojos?

As outlined on the Capcom Unity blogStreet Fighter 5 Dojos are essentially clans where players can gather to discuss mains, tactics, and even train against one another. If the game sticks the landing, we could see a brand new, organic extension of the sort of word-of-mouth phenomenon that often sweeps across the fighting game community.

You will also be able to customize your Dojo stage (see below) through items unlocked through in-game challenges, and other tasks. Additionally. Dojo Rankings, which aims to categorize the absolute best of the best in the community, will launch in October.

Street Fighter 5 Dojos Release Date:

Not long to wait for this one. The Street Fighter 5 Dojo release date has been confirmed for September 25.

How to Join a Street Fighter 5 Dojo

When the update goes live, you will be able to join Dojos by searching for the Dojo ID, Fighter ID, or through the general population list of all available Dojos which you can tweak through the game’s parameters. You can only apply to join one Dojo at a time, however.

How to Unlock the Street Fighter 5 Dojo Stage

From September 25, you can sync up your PS4 or PC account to Shadaloo C.R.I., Capcom’s developmental update site, which will then unlock the free Dojo stage for you to use in-game. It is the first fully-customizable Street Fighter stage in history, which is pretty neat if we do say so ourselves.