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Pokemon Go Mewtwo Raid: Mewtwo Raid Times and Counters

The Pokemon Go Mewtwo Raid battles are about to kick off, but when does Mewtwo appear in Pokemon Go? It’s been a few weeks since Niantic announced that Mewtwo would be exiting EX raids to join the five-star lineup, and the time has finally arrived. Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos will leave the raid rotation again later today to make room for what is currently the strongest attacker in the game. So what time does Mewtwo appear in Pokemon Go today?

Pokemon Go Mewtwo Raid: Mewtwo Raid Times

Pokemon Go raid times aren’t exactly set in stone. They’re completely random outside of EX raids, and you never know what might spawn until it the egg appears. For five-star raids, it’s far more predictable. Mewtwo raids will be the only 5-star you’ll see for the next month or so, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to add this coveted fighter to your team before it disappears.

But just because the calendar says it’s September 20 and the in-game notifications say it’s time to challenge the loose cannon, that doesn’t make it true. Mewtwo raids will spawn today, but only after 1:00 p.m. PDT. For those in the UK and Europe, that’s 9:00 p.m. BST and 10:00 p.m. CEST respectively. Pokemon Go raid times meant raids used to stop spawning early in the evening, but even with recent changes seeing raids spawn up until 9:30 p.m. that still means Mewtwo day is effectively September 21 in plenty of locations outside the U.S. Bummer.

Pokemon Go Mewtwo Raid: Mewtwo Raid Counters

Switching from EX to five-star means a Pokemon Go Mewtwo raid won’t be quite so difficult to take down as it once was, but you’re still going to want a sizable team of veterans on your side to reliably shut this foe down. Lucky for us, there’s a good chance Mewtwo will his retain a higher than average catch rate for legendary Pokemon, making him pretty easy to snag once defeated.

Other Mewtwo equipped with Shadow Ball are great counters, but Dark and Ghost moves like Bite, Crunch, and Lick really help, too, making Pokemon like Tyranitar, Gyarados, Gengar, and Alakazam fantastic choices. The latter two won’t survive many hits, but so long as Mewtwo isn’t rocking Focus Blast, a bunch of Tyranitar will make light work of Mewtwo raids.

Just make sure to use a Charge TM on legacy Mewtwo for Shadow Ball before he appears in raids.