Pokemon Go Invite Friends to Raids: EX Raid Pass Invite Guide

Not much has changed when it comes to EX raid eligibility and the overall system from before, but the introduction of Deoxys and a brand-new set of EX raid invites means we now know for sure how to invite friends to raids through the Pokemon Go invite friends to raids system. Just a week after Mewtwo started to hog up 5-star raid battles, the first set of new EX raid passes have been distributed, marking the end of Mewtwo’s EX raid status and the start of Deoxys’ reign as the new king of Pokemon Go EX raids.

Pokemon Go Invite Friends to Raids – How To Invite Friends To EX Raids in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Invite Friends to Raids

When it comes to the EX raid pass invite system and how to invite friends to raids, the process is actually a lot more convenient than we first expected. Obtaining an EX raid pass is still handled by completing raids at EX-eligible gyms and hoping for the best, but with the new update, even those who don’t actively raid at these specific gyms can snag an EX raid invite if they’re good friends with someone who does. Ultra Friends, that is.

To be able to send and recieve EX raid invites through the EX raid invite system, both participating players need to reach Ultra Friend status with each other. Thankfully, distant friends can become Ultra Friends  simply by trading gifts rather than raiding with each other each day. It’s a lengthy process, but the Friend List system has been available in Pokemon Go just long enough for moderately active players to become Ultra Friends with a handful of people.

So if you or a friend received a Deoxys EX raid pass this week and want to invite friends to the EX raid battle, all you need to do is tap the EX raid pass in your inventory and hit “Invite” on the message that pops up. From there, you’ll be presented with a list of Ultra Friends or Best Friends you can invite to the raid. You can only invite one person per EX raid pass, and you won’t get a refund to that allowance even if the friend declines the invitation, so tap carefully. Invites work similar to send gifts, meaning you don’t need to meet up in person to send an invite like you do with Pokemon Go trades. Neat!

Once done, your friend should be prompted to accept or decline your EX raid pass invitation. If they accept, they’ll receive the EX raid pass just like they would through the usual EX raid pass system. All that’s left at that point is to travel to the raid location on the displayed time and date and try to catch Deoxys.

We don’t have a Deoxys counter guide up just yet, but you can read more about Deoxys moves and catch rates here while we work on something bigger.

Pokemon Go EX raids have been around for a little while now, but how to get an EX raid pass is a question that even the pros struggle to reliably answer. Things will get a little easier this month thanks to the Pokemon Go invite friends to raids system. Pokemon Go EX raids are invite-only activities that eluded players for a long time when they were first implemented, stopping anyone but hardcore players from taking part. The issue wasn’t down to dumb luck or a low player level, but because of a lack of information within Pokemon Go itself.

EX raid passes are awarded at random sometimes days after completing a raid. But only select raid locations award them, and the game never previously told you which locations were eligible. This led to confusion within the community, and the timed and unpredictable nature of the resulting EX raids would frequently see players sharing account information for others to complete the battle in their absence. A risky move with such a time-consuming game.

Pokemon Go Invite Friends to Raids: EX Raid Pass Invite Guide

Following the introduction of Deoxys to the EX raid roster, the Pokemon Go invite friends to raids feature will allow EX raid pass holders to invite a friend to take part, too, drastically increasing the chance of less active players getting a shot at the EX raids. This won’t stop players from feeling the need to share their account info with others if they can’t make it to a specific EX raid, but it will allow them to help a less fortunate player.

On top of this, it’s now possible to see which gyms can host EX raids. Active players in a given town or city typically know of these locations already, but the improvement means those who don’t frequent community pages or Discord servers will know which raid location to hit up in their quest for an EX raid pass.

So how do you invite friends to raids? In the case that you’ve just received an EX raid pass and can’t figure out how to invite friends to raids, the process is fairly unknown at the minute. The in-game news post didn’t divulge the specifics, and we won’t be able to work out how to invite friends to raids until the next wave of EX raid passes go out.

There’s a chance you’ll send an invite to a friend through the Friend List like a PokeStop Gift, but it’s possible you might have to be within range of the friend in question similar to how Pokemon Go trades work. Either way, it’s going to be difficult for players to take advantage of the new EX raid pass invite system.