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Fortnite Week 11 Challenges Missing: Where are the New Fortnite Season 5 Challenges?

You’re not going mad: there are no Fortnite week 11 challenges to speak of. It’s not a glitch nor an error, but merely a design choice by Epic games to stop the new Fortnite season 5 challenges at a certain point. Below, we’ll look at why that’s the case, and what you can do in the meantime.

Fortnite Week 11 Challenges Missing: Where are the New Fortnite Season 5 Challenges?

Conventional logic would dictate that week 11 challenges would crop up after the ten previous weeks had finished. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? However, there’s a perfectly good reason for the week 11 challenges to be “missing.” For one thing, it’s tradition for Fortnite challenges to end on week 10. And you can’t mess with tradition, especially if it’s a nice, round number. More importantly, though, is the ever-looming shadow of Fortnite season 6.

With season 5 ending on September 25, dropping a whole set of challenges now would only give players (at best) four or five days to get things done. Look at it this way: this week is the calm before the storm; there’s plenty of time to go and do other things, and mop off other challenges, before a season-starting event knocks everyone off-course come Wednesday.

Can I Still Complete Fortnite Season 5 Challenges After Week 11?

Once the clock hits midnight on September 26, you won’t be able to complete any of the Fortnite season 5 challenges any longer. In fact, to get the full gamut of season six challenges, you’ll have to buy the Fortnite season six Battle Pass as soon as that goes live. However, as of writing, there is no way to retroactively complete challenges from previous seasons. Having said that, Epic occasionally brings back popular challenges each season, so you can at least expect a mix of fresh and familiar tasks each and every week.