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Jump Force Switch: Will Jump Force Come to Nintendo Switch?

Bandai Namco’s much-anticipated Shonen Jump crossover mashup fighting game, Jump Force, is scheduled to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in February 2019. With Dragon Ball FighterZ hitting the Switch on September 28, 2018, is there a chance Jump Force could follow suit? How likely is a Jump Force Switch port? Read on to find out.

Jump Force Switch: Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Sadly, Jump Force isn’t currently scheduled to release on Switch. Bandai Namco hasn’t given any official announcement either way, however. Despite this, it doesn’t look too likely that we’ll be playing Jump Force on Nintendo Switch any time soon. During E3, industry insider Liam Robertson took to Twitter to explain that there are “no plans for Jump Force on Switch due to technical limitations.” The original tweet can be seen below:

Jump Force Switch: Will it Ever Come to Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Jump Force will ever make its way onto Switch. While we have a port of Dragon Ball FighterZ incoming, Jump Force is an entirely different kettle of fish. Its arenas are far larger, on a 3D playing field, with more detail present in the character models, and attacks to boot. Graphically, it might just be too intensive to run properly on Nintendo Switch. One might argue, however, that the likes of DOOMWolfenstein 2, and DOOM Eternal are more graphically intensive than Jump Force. All of these games are either already on Switch, or (DOOM Eternal) are on their way.

As with the likes of DOOM Eternal, however, if Jump Force was to make its way onto Switch, it would need to be toned down graphically. The Switch simply isn’t as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One, so some downgrades will definitely have to be made in any potential port. While it seems very unlikely, a Jump Force Switch port could release one day, just expect graphical downgrades. Keep those fingers crossed manga fans.