N64 Mini Release Date: When Is the N64 Classic Release Date?

Yesterday, Nintendo had an interesting trademark approved regarding the N64 Mini. Last year, Nintendo applied for an N64 controller trademark. The trademark concerned a monochrome image of the classic trident controller, much in the same style as the NES or SNES controller images you’ll see on their respective Mini console boxes. The “goods and services” trademark was approved yesterday, and it all might just be pointing towards an N64 Mini. When is the N64 Mini release date? Read on for some juicy speculation.

N64 Mini Release Date: Could We Get an N64 Classic?

N64 Mini release date

While there has not been any official word from Nintendo, it does appear likely that an N64 Classic console will appear at some stage. Yesterday’s trademark approval was very suspect. Not only does the N64 controller image look exactly like the NES and SNES controller images you’ll see adorned upon the packaging of the respective mini consoles, but the trademark is also for “goods and services.”All this means that Nintendo is allowed to use the above image for products that people can buy.

Realistically, this likely will be for an upcoming N64 Mini. Nintendo isn’t putting N64 games on the Switch eShop any time soon, and with the success of its NES and SNES Minis, with a PlayStation, and Mini Mega Drive on the way, the market is lapping these retro machines up.

N64 Classic Release Date: When Might the N64 Mini Launch?

Despite all signs pointing towards an N64 Classic Edition console, Nintendo hasn’t given any official word. Despite this, looking at the release dates of other mini consoles gives us some indication of when to expect the N64 Classic. The NES Mini originally released worldwide on November 11, 2016. The SNES Classic Edition was available everywhere by October 5, 2017. Both were released in time for the Holiday season, therefore maximizing sales. The PlayStation Classic, too, is due to release this December, whereas the Mega Drive Mini will release next year.

Nintendo announced both the NES and SNES Classics just a few months before release. As it’s nearing October already, a 2018 release date for the N64 Mini looks unlikely. We’d like to think, therefore, that the N64 Mini release date will likely be in 2019.

We’ll keep you up-to-date with any official announcements regarding the N64 Mini right here on GameRevolution.