Mini Mega Drive Delayed Until 2019 for Worldwide Release


The previously announced Sega Mini Mega Drive has been delayed, but for the purpose of preparing it for a worldwide launch. The miniaturized console has been moved into 2019 according to the official Sega Japan Twitter account. It was originally slated to come out in 2018. The console was originally revealed earlier this year at the Sega Fes 2018 event in Japan.

Putting out simultaneously around the globe was, according to the tweet, due to high demand for the diminished console in the West. The system will be named accordingly, with the U.S. version being called “Genesis Mini” and the European edition being called the “Mega Drive Mini.”

In addition to this, Sega has announced the hardware will be developed in partnership with a domestic developer. According to the Japanese company, this is to “achieve the quality that [will satisfy]… Sega fans.” The tweet adds that this domestic developer has had a proven track record with game development. This delay, however, will mean that the Mini Mega Drive will miss the 30th anniversary of the Japanese version of the 90’s console.

This partnership change is significant considering the previous co-developers of the console, AtGames. This developer has previously made a similar device called the Sega Genesis Flashback HD in 2017. The system was received poorly, especially in regards to its choice of games included and its overall poor performance. This change of developers on the Mini Mega Drive classic implies that Sega is no longer happy to work with ATGames, but there is no confirmation on the two company’s partnership going forward.

Apart from this delay, there is currently no further news on the console. A price point, the games included, and a more specific release window has not been confirmed by Sega but will likely come in the next few months.