Sega Gamescom 2019 lineup to reveal secret AAA game

The Sega Gamescom 2019 lineup will include the reveal of a mysterious AAA game. The Japanese company is going to show the new game to the public for the first time, alongside other games such as Catherine: Full Body and the Two Point Hospital console releases.

There is no additional info on what this secret AAA game can be, with Sega refraining from revealing even the slightest detail. Could it be a new game in an existing franchise or is it an entirely new IP? We’ll have to wait for the reveal on the Koch Media Stand during Gamescom 2019, which runs from August 20 to August 24, 2019. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it happened to be a new Sonic game, considering the controversy—and free publicity—surrounding the upcoming Sonic movie and its nightmarish CGI rendition.

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Confirmed on the Sega Gamescom 2019 lineup is Atlus’ Catherine: Full Body, with a PlayStation 4 release planned for September 3, 2019. Players will be able to try the demo of this expanded remake of the original cult classic, which will include additional cutscenes giving added context to the intriguing and not always logical narrative. Famous voice actors Troy Baker and Laura Bailey voiced Vincent and Catherine respectively.

After the acclaimed release for PC, Two Point Hospital is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and Switch. This hospital simulation game developed by Two Point Studios places you in the shoes of a hospital administrator who must deal with the daily hardships of an unusual healthcare setting. Gamescom 2019 visitors will have the opportunity to try the first chapter of Two Point Hospital on consoles.

The highly anticipated SEGA Mega Drive Mini will be available to visitors of the stand, with all the 42 included games playable using a fully functioning Sega Mega Drive controller. Visitors will also be able to play some titles including Streets of Rage, Darius, Strider and more.