Grandia HD Collection Switch release date revealed, and it’s out soon

The long-anticipated Grandia HD Collection on Nintendo Switch has finally nailed down a release date. Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment has today revealed the Grandia HD Collection Switch release date, and to make things more exciting, it’s releasing on the eShop very soon. GungHo and Game Arts has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch eShop Grandia HD Collection release date is August 16, 2019.

JRPG fans have not one but two classic Grandia games to play through when the Grandia HD Collection releases on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Both of the original Grandia games—Grandia and Grandia 2—are included in this new package, complete with enhanced new HD graphics as well as several other noteworthy updates.

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You’ll be able to play both Grandia and Grandia 2 on the big screen or on the go thanks to the Switch’s hybrid design. The games both feature updated HD graphics, but sadly, it appears that neither will be playable in widescreen on the Switch. Both Grandia HD remasters on PC (the original Grandia HD Remaster releasing at an as-yet unconfirmed later date, while the pre-existing Grandia 2 Anniversary Edition is being renamed to Grandia 2 HD Remaster on PC) feature new widescreen visuals and customizable resolutions, however.

Don’t get your hopes up for completely reworked visuals, though. This package features the original graphics of the classic games upscaled to HD with lightly updated UI, textures, and sprites. Cinematics from the original games have been updated to work in HD, too.

Along with the HD upscale, you’ll find a few more updates to both games in this HD Collection. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of languages in both the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of the games. Japanese and English audio are included, and both French and German translations are also present for subtitles and text, too. Just ten days to wait for the Grandia HD Collection Switch release date now, in North America, at least.