Secret Death Stranding trailer reveals ‘concrete purpose of the game’

secret Death Stranding trailer is currently available at Gamescom 2019. According to Hideo Kojima, this trailer will explain the “concrete purpose of the game” and finally give us an insight to what exactly it is that you’re going to be doing in this upcoming digital batch of weirdness and mystery.

“There’s 1 exclusive trailer of DEATH STRANDING called “BRIEFING” showing at Sony PlayStation Booth,” Hideo Kojima said via his official Twitter account. ” It explains what Sam(player) will be doing in the game and I think you’ll understand the more concrete purpose of the game.”

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Understandably, fans are intrigued by what exactly this secret Death Stranding trailer shows. Although there have been numerous trailers revealed for the game, well… it’s a Hideo Kojima game. Anyone familiar with the man can tell you that he creates very esoteric and interesting narratives that can only really be explained with a 45-minute Powerpoint presentation. Suffice it to say, Death Stranding continues to embody Kojima-san’s penchant for heady, eclectic narratives.

“Grow mushrooms with your piss, carry weed to Geoff Keighley and take care of your baby alá Yoshi’s Island,” read a tweet from game industry commentator Nibel. “Seems pretty straightforward to me.”

Unfortunately, the only way to see this secret Death Stranding trailer is by heading over to the Sony PlayStation Booth at Gamescom 2019. Despite our best efforts, it seems that no one has been able to sneak a camera in and get a video uploaded online. (Not yet, anyway.)

For now, the mystery of the secret Death Stranding trailer is something that will only be available to the lucky few who can attend Gamescom 2019 in person. Kojima Productions will surely upload it online at some point, so the rest of us will have to just patiently wait until it’s finally revealed to the rest of the world.