You can wear a cat on your head in Astral Chain

As is its many usable toilets weren’t weird enough, PlatinumGames’ Astral Chain will apparently let you wear a live cat on your head. The Astral Chain cat will remain balanced on your dome, even when you roll and flip around in combat.

The Astral Chain cat head accessory was revealed in a Gamescom 2019 Nintendo U.K. showcase video. The cat appears around the 25:08 mark in the video. Astral Chain director Takahisa Taura mentioned that the game also contains cat-collecting minigames and cats scattered around the world, simply because he thinks cats are cute. In the video, Taura takes the Astral Chain cat through a boss fight against a massive, bestial Chimera enemy. Since players can ride the game’s Beast Legion companion, there’s an adorable segment in the fight where the cat rides Taura’s character as the character rides the beast.

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Besides the feline, the Gamescom video gives us a look at some other character customization options in the game. Taura’s character ⁠— the playable twin sister of the male protagonist ⁠— will have sports glasses, headphones, a black face mask, black tie, black shirt, black short-shorts, and black boots. The male character ⁠— the female protagonist’s twin brother ⁠— can be seen earlier in the video with a green coat, tight black pants and white sneakers. Around the 16:00 mark, the player picks up a pair of ripped slacks dropped by a downed Chimera, so it looks like there will be a lot of clothing to find throughout the game.

The Nintendo U.K. showcase also revealed the Hermits faction, a gang of outcasts that fight against the invading Chimeras. The video shows Kyle, the Hermits’ leader, whose character design makes him look like a cyberpunk ninja mixed with a post-apocalyptic dubstep DJ. The video showed the player character engaging in combat with Hermit minions and in a one-on-one dual with Kyle, confirming that the game will feature battles with human enemies as well as Chimeras and infected humans known as Aberrations.

Nintendo recently released an in-depth Astral Chain gameplay trailer that explains the nuances of the game’s combat, including details about each of the Legion companion types. Astral Chain launches soon, on August 30, as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.