Sega Mega Drive Mini delayed in Europe

After taking its time reworking it, Sega is finally set to release its Sega Mega Drive Mini/Genesis Mini retro-console. However, it seems that fans in Europe will have to wait a bit longer. The company confirmed that it has delayed the release of the Mega Drive Mini to October 4 in the region.

According to Sega of Europe’s announcement, the release is delayed because of “unavoidable logistical challenges.” In addition to Europe, the delay also affects the Middle East which the division also handles. Japan, Asia, and the North America on the other hand will still be getting Sega’s retro console on September 19.

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This isn’t the first time that Sega has delayed their retro console. It originally planned to release the Mega Drive Mini/Genesis Mini back in 2018. However, this delay affected all regions, and happened because Sega decided to drop AtGames as their partner for the system.

Prior to Sega’s announcement of the Mega Drive Mini/Genesis Mini, AtGames released its own licensed retro console called the Sega Genesis Flashback HD in North America back in 2017. Fans however, poorly received the system for a number of issues, including a lackluster games list, and poor performance.

As a result of this, Sega decided to partner with domestic developer M2 instead. The companies are outfitting the reborn retro-console with an extensive library of 40 Genesis and Mega Drive classics, divided into three regional variations, one of the west, one for Japan, and one for Asia.

Additionally, two new games never released for Sega’s 16-bit consoles are also coming to the system. M2 will be porting Tetris, and Darius to the retro console. Tetris getting ported isn’t surprising as Sega released an arcade version of the classic block puzzler back in the day. The port of Taito’s fish themed horizontal shoot ’em up is more surprising though, considering it never appeared on Sega hardware before.