Mini Sega Mega Drive Announced For 2018 Release

SEGA has sure been tapping into that nostalgia well. Shenmue 1 and 2 are hitting consoles later this year, but there’s something much bigger (well, technically smaller) coming. The Japanese company has announced a Mini SEGA Mega Drive – and it’s out in 2018

Announced during SEGA’s Fes 2018 event, the Mini SEGA Mega Drive is coming to Japan this year.

While currently limited to only a Japanese release, it’d be madness not to consider bringing the Mini Mega Drive (or Mini Genesis if you’re Stateside) over to the West, especially taking into account the popularity of Nintendo’s Mini NES and SNES lines.

No games, nor a price tag has been announced for the Mini SEGA Mega Drive. In fact, the only real details we’ve gotten so far is the look and design of the console. Carrying the same blocky charms of the original and seemingly no bigger than a large adult’s hand, the Mini SEGA Mega Drive looks like it could fit snugly into any home console set up.

What we can (realistically) expect to hit the mini console? Sonic the Hedgehog is bound to feature heavily, as are the likes of Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. However, I’m holding out hope for a few deep cuts. Something along the lines of Speedball 2 and Zombies Ate My Neighbors wouldn’t go amiss.

For now, though, we’ll have to wait and see what SEGA announce for the Mini SEGA Mega Drive. Will it make us pine for the ’90s and get us all using ‘radical’ and ‘tubular’ again? With nostalgia, anything’s possible…