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Overwatch Genji Sword: How To Get A Real Genji Sword

Overwatch players who main Genji will rejoice in glee to know that they can now get their hands on a real Genji sword. That’s right—you can now purchase your very own Dragonblade. It is true that Genji never allows anybody else to repair or wash his katana, Ryū ichimonji, but it seems that you can just get your own now, instead. If you want to unlock your inner cyborg ninja, this guide will tell you exactly how to get a real Genji sword.

Overwatch Genji Sword: How To Get A Real Genji Sword

Genji’s sword, Ryū ichimonji, has been revealed as the latest Overwatch collectible available at the Blizzard gear store, and you can pre-order it now. It’s pretty pricey, bearing a hefty price tag of $200, but the quality of the replica is definitely worth it if you’re a big enough fan.

This is because the sword isn’t just any old replica—it comes with LED lights, sound effects, and the stand used to hold Genji’s sword that can be found in the Nepal: Village Overwatch map. This is not just a toy—it’s the katana of a Shimada clan warrior.

Interestingly, a leak that spilled a while back by toy company EB Games featured information that suggested an upcoming round of Blizzard collectibles. Specifically, it mentioned that replicas of Genji’s katana and Mei’s Snowball droid would be hitting shelves soon. The page containing the leak was quickly deleted, but the information was already out. Now that Ryū ichimonji has officially been announced, it seems likely that a Snowball replica will follow suit soon. Get hyped, Mei mains!

Genji’s blade is available for pre-order now over at the Blizzard gear store, which is linked above. If you’re a Genji fan, be sure to check that out now while stocks last.

Ryujin no ken wo kurae!