The Walking Dead The Final Season Collectibles Guide

The Walking Dead The Final Season is most likely going to see a proper conclusion despite its development troubles. And each of these episodes, even the ones Telltale handed off, have collectibles. They’re not that hard to find but they can still be easy to miss. And just so you don’t walk around aimlessly looking for each trinket, here’s a guide on for The Walking Dead The Final Season collectibles. This guide covers the first three episodes and will also cover the last one after it comes out (so keep this page handy).

The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 1 Collectibles

Episode 1 has six collectibles. The deer skull is the first one. You’ll find it in a little alcove to the left of the shack in the first part of the episode. It’s on an oil drum.

The plastic flowers are the second one. They’re behind the staircase on the bottom floor when you first walk into the school’s building. Do it first so you don’t forget.

There are real flowers as well. They are outside on a bench in the courtyard in an alcove on the right side of the courtyard. It is located by the basement entrance you go into later in the episode. This one is easy to miss.

AJ’s drawing is the fourth collectible. This happens during the story as long as you choose the “You can keep it if you like” dialogue option when Violet comes in the room to check on the art supplies.

The fifth one is a cat skull, which continues Clementine’s odd skull collection. It is also pretty missable since you have to choose to go fishing with Violet and Brody. It’s on top of the fireplace in the fishing shack.

The final collectible is Tenn’s drawing. Approach him during the night time when he is drawing and make sure you allow him to draw you by picking the “Sure, draw me in” dialogue option. He’ll then hand it to you. All you have to do is make sure to post all the collectibles in your room when you get back to it and you’ll be good.

The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 2 collectibles

The first collectible in Episode 2 is a boar skull and it’s right outside the greenhouse. Before going in, look by the front door of the greenhouse. You should see a boar skull on the ground somewhere.

The next two are in the greenhouse. The mushroom is the first collectible and it is located near the back of the greenhouse in one of the planter boxes. You can eat it for another trophy/achievement.

The last one is in the second part of the greenhouse behind the secret door area. You’ll see a Venus flytrap somewhere on one of the tables. Go ahead and grab it. This chapter only has three collectibles and they are all basically in the same area. Just remember to place all of them when you get back to your room with AJ. The game should give you a prompt telling you that you can decorate the room.

The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3 collectibles

AJ’s school pennant is most likely the first collectible you’ll see. It is at the very beginning of the episode when you first get control of Clementine. Once you can move the sticks, look to the left on the wall before the entrance to the room where the dog is in. Just look at it and grab it. See the above picture to see where it is. Just be sure to not go too far. Once you get near the “subject,” you will not be able to go back for it.

The sketch toy is located in the beginning of the episode on one of the racks by the dog. Just be sure to not go near the “subject” in the corner as the game will lock you into the cutscene and force you to proceed.

The rabbit’s foot is one of the next collectibles. Once you get to the boat and start scouting it out, you will have to go to talk to Willy, the little boy. But before you talk to him, stop and look on the ground. Just behind him, you’ll see a rabbit’s foot. Pick it up and then talk to Willy. Just be sure to get this and the next one before you talk to everyone. You’ll miss both if you talk to all three people without grabbing it.

The horseshoe might be easily missable for some. It’s on the ground sort of near the rabbit’s foot by the large log. Just search around the ground. It is also somewhat behind Willy. It is hard to spot so look for the dialogue box that pops up.

There is also a toy collectible. Once you reunite with James and fend off the walkers (which you should do non-lethally for a trophy or achievement), you will come to a broken down house area. Once you gain direct control over Clementine, instead of going to talk to James, take the left path. Near the fallen power pole, you’ll see a small alcove of hay near James. The toy will be on the ground. Go and pick it up. But don’t move on quite so quickly.

Stay in the area to grab the wind chimes. These wind chimes are on the right side of the barn; the direct opposite path you took to get the toy. Go near AJ and and look on the side of the barn. They are hanging. Just be sure to look up.