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FIFA 19 Web App Daily Login Rewards Disabled: Where are My Free Packs and Daily Gifts?

It’s not been a good few days for the FIFA 19 Web App. That’s all been compounded by the fact that the FIFA 19 Web App Daily Login Rewards, which often saw players getting free packs, coins, and Ultimate Team items just for logging in every day before the full release of the game, has been turned off. If you’re wondering why the Daily Login Rewards have been disabled, and are wondering if there’s a fix or an ETA on when they’ll be working again, then look no further.

FIFA 19 Web App Daily Login Rewards Disabled: Where are My Free Packs?

Beginning on Friday, September 21, players logging into the Web App were met with a Daily Login Rewards disabled message. It read as follows:

“We have disabled Daily Gifts on [the FIFA 19 Web App] and [Companion App] due to an issue. We will turn them back on as soon as the issue has been resolved.”

This means that players have missed out on three days’ worth of Daily Gifts, which can often mean the difference between a very good and very bad start to Ultimate Team. If it’s any consolation, every single player has missed out on these, not just you. Anecdotal evidence on Reddit suggests that a fix will be forthcoming on September 24 with rewards for players who have logged in every single day but, as of writing, it’s just that: anecdotal.

FIFA 19 Web App Daily Login Rewards Disabled: What Can I Do Now?

For now, as hard as it may sound, the best option is to wait. I’d recommend logging into the Web App every day in the hope that EA has tracked this so you’ll be given as many free rewards as possible. Xbox One and PC players, meanwhile, can still use EA Access and Origin Access’ 10-hour trial to play the full game, while PS4 players who have pre-ordered the Champions Edition can play the game from September 25.

Meanwhile, EA has released the following update; it indicates that a fix is still very much on the way but no workaround has been found: