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FIFA 19 FUT Draft: How To Get FUT Draft Entries in Ultimate Team

Although players are eagerly awaiting some of the new features coming to FIFA 19, the thing that a lot of returning players are most excited about is the FIFA 19 FUT Draft. The FIFA Ultimate Team Draft is a game mode in which the player is presented with a set of random cards, from which they must select one player to add to their team. This process is repeated until the player has a full team, which they then play four games with. Winning four games out of four in an Online FUT Draft will net the successful player some pretty great rewards. To enter a Draft, though, you’ll need Draft Entries. Here’s a guide on how to get FUT Draft Entries in Ultimate Team in FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 FUT Draft: How To Get FUT Draft Entries in Ultimate Team

There are three ways to get Draft Entries in FIFA 19:

  • 15,000 coins—coins are FIFA‘s in-game currency. 15,000 is quite a significant amount, but the FUT Draft is as good a place as any to invest in!
  • 300 FIFA points—another in-game currency, but unlike coins, FIFA points cost real money. You can buy FIFA points at the in-game store, and use them to buy your way into a FUT Draft.
  • In-game packs—packs can be bought using either of the above currencies. Although they mostly contain cards, players can sometimes get Draft Tokens from them. However, the above options are used far more often, as this one relies on chance.

If you’re in need of coins or in-game packs, you should definitely check out the EASFC catalogue for coin boosts as well as completing some of the more basic squad building challenges on offer in the mods.

FIFA 19‘s early access starts tomorrow, September 25. The game’s full release on all platforms is this Friday, September 28.