Football Manager 2019 Beta: How to Join the FM 19 Early Access Beta, Release Date, Will My Save Carry Over?

Any Football Manager 2019 player with their salt knows that if there’s any chance of them getting their fix earlier then they should jump at the chance. Enter the Football Manager 2019 Beta on PC. Thankfully, joining the early access beta has never been easier, so we’ll take you through that as well as looking at a potential FM 2019 beta release date, and asking the question that fans the world over will ask come November 2: “Will my FM 2019 beta save carry over?

Football Manager 2019 Beta: How to Join the FM 19 Early Access Beta

This one’s nice and straightforward. To get your hands on the FM 2019 beta, you must simply pre-order the game from an approved Sega retailer. Not sure who counts as an “approved” retailer? Check out Sega’s official (and extensive) list.

Once that’s done, you’ll get a Steam code sent through to your email address when the beta is due to go live. Simply input that code by clicking through to the Games menu on Steam and going to the Activate a Product on Steam menu. Sit back and brew a cuppa while it’s downloading. It shouldn’t take long.

Football Manager 2019 Beta: Release Date

UPDATE: We have an official release date for the beta. Publisher Sega revealed that the Football Manager 2019 beta will drop on the evening of Thursday, October 18. You can find out more information on the core details in our news post here.

While we have nothing official to go on, we have the next best thing. Sports Interactive’s Neil Brock states on a Football Manager forum post that we can expect the FM 19 beta roughly “two weeks before release”, which would indicate a start time of approximately October 19.

Football Manager 2019 Beta: Will My Save Carry Over?

Unless SI chooses to break with its long-held tradition, all FM 2019 beta saves will carry over to the full-fat version of the game. Typically, the save files are stored on Steam and will immediately transfer over upon the full game unlocking on September 2. As of yet, there has been no announcement about a time limit on beta saves, with past entries sometimes only allowing players to play for six months in-game.