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FIFA 19 Trainer: How to Turn off Trainer Completely

FIFA 19 releases on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch this Friday. There is one feature that many long-time fans of FIFA won’t be happy to see, however. The FIFA 19 Trainer sees a return to that overlay that appears when you first play the game, which tells you how to play. Of course, it’s a feature you can turn off. What is the FIFA Trainer? How can we turn off the FIFA 19 trainer completely? Read on to find out.

FIFA 19 Trainer: What is the Trainer?

Introduced in FIFA 16, the FIFA Trainer is a text overlay that appears while playing any match. The overhead text tells you what buttons to press at the right times to do what your player needs to do. For example, if you’re dribbling with the ball, the Trainer will tell you how to pass, cross, or even how to perform tricks. It’s a useful little feature for those who haven’t played the game before or those who want a refresher on the controls. Unfortunately, it’s default setting is to be on from the start, though can prove useful with the new Timed Finishing mechanic.

FIFA 19 Trainer: How to Turn off Trainer Completely

FIFA 19 Trainer

While the Trainer is automatically always on, there are easy ways to turn it off. As in previous games, you can turn off the Trainer with a press of the right analog stick during a game. However, this will only turn the Trainer off for the remainder of that match. It will still be on for whatever your next match happens to be. Thankfully, there is a way to turn it off completely. Simply pause in the middle of a match. Once paused, head on over to the Team Management option, and turn off the Trainer in there. Simple. It shouldn’t bother you again.