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Destiny 2 Breakthrough: What is the New Crucible Mode?

Bungie has done the impossible. With the Destiny 2 Breakthrough Crucible mode, it’s somehow managed to squeeze in even more content to a game already bursting at the seams with activities, Raids, and general shooty bang-bang shenanigans. Below, we’ve detailed all you need to know about the new Crucible mode, plus a few Breakthrough tips to get you started.

Destiny 2 Breakthrough: What is the New Crucible Mode?

For this one, it’s best to leave it to Bungie to explain:

“At the beginning of each round, players will fight to capture a central zone. Once the zone is captured, your team will deploy the Breaker. As players work to deploy the Breaker, the zone can be contested, resulting in an epic tug-of-war between the two teams. Once the Breaker is captured, it will be used to assault and hack the enemy team’s Vault.
If you hack the enemy team’s Vault, you win the round. If you fail to hack the enemy team’s Vault within the round time limit, you lose. If you are in the process of hacking the enemy team’s Vault when time runs out, you will enter Sudden Death until you either hack the Vault, or the enemy removes all your progress.
First team to win three rounds takes the match.”
In layman’s terms, it’s a Team King of the Hill with the added twist of working towards a goal that evokes traditional attack/defense modes such as Assault in the Halo series.

Destiny 2 Breakthrough: How to Join

To join, fire up the Crucible as normal and head to the Weekly Featured Playlist. You can join games through there. Be warned, however, that from October 2, the playlist will transfer over to the Competitive Playlist.

Forsaken Players are also able to start up private matches with other Forsaken-owning friends so they can get to grips with the Destiny 2 Breakthrough mode at their own pace.

Destiny 2 Breakthrough: Maps

A handful of new maps have been introduced to mix things up and really give Breakthrough a sense of importance in the Crucible canon. They are as follows:

Equinox – An icy, Hoth-like map that prides itself on angled architecture and marble-style staircases.

Firebase Echo – This is your standard space base map, with the planet starting to ‘grow’ back over the metallic structures

The Citadel – Taking cues from the ancient world, this map sees Greek-style buildings and murals carved into the rock-face. Definitely the most striking of the three maps.

Destiny 2 Breakthrough: Tips

You know how the saying goes: Only fools rush in… and Destiny 2 players. Keeping your distance may be your best bet in the early stages of a Breakthrough match as a feeling-out process around the centralized control point will be crucial in understanding choke points, as well as where to dictate the mode.

Teamwork, inevitably, is going to be crucial. Ideally, teams will split into two disparate halves, with each one focusing on either bravely making their way towards the control point, and the others on elimination duty to ensure that the opposing team doesn’t get anywhere near where they should be. It’s classic diversion tactics and, while not an exact science, one that could pay dividends as the game reaches its heart-stopping conclusion.