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Fortnite Epic Games Account Merge: How to Link and Merge Accounts

Fortnite accounts are now able to be used across all platforms. Epic Games account merging is on its way, which will allow people to merge Epic accounts that may have been created in the past. Epic Games announced plans for Fortnite account merging today after the news that crossplay between the PS4 and other consoles is coming. Fortnite account merging is not yet live, but expect it to come sooner rather than later.

Before today, Fortnite Epic accounts have been locked into or out of the PS4 ecosystem. Any Epic Games account used on a PS4 to play Fortnite was unable to be used on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox One. Fortnite players were able to crossplay between PS4 and PC, but not between PS4 and Switch. As of today all Epic accounts are unlocked and available for use on all platforms.

How to Merge Multiple Epic Games Accounts

Epic Games has announced that it is actively working to allow players to merge their Epic accounts. The developers have said the account merging feature will be coming in November. It will allow players to combine Fortnite purchases. Epic Games also announced that people will be able to unlink Fortnite accounts from a console. This will allow Fortnite players that have avoided spreading purchases across two accounts to get all their eggs in a basket. The unlinking ability will be ready in a few days. It is an important step for players who had to make new accounts to play on other consoles, like the Nintendo Switch.

Account merging will likely be done through Epic Games’ website, as the account management on that site allows users to connect and disconnect other accounts.

How to Link Your Fortnite Account to a Console

Fortnite accounts are linked with a player’s Epic account. These accounts are now easily unlocked for use on all platforms. To add an Epic account to a system it was previously locked out of, all a person must do is sign into that account on the system of choice. A player’s Epic Games account is what links each platform together, and now it can be used to play with even more people.

If you don’t want to get in on the Fortnite crossplay party, all a player must do is not link an Epic account. On PC and Mac this is impossible, as Fortnite is launched through the Epic Games desktop portal. On PS4, Switch, and Xbox One linking an account is optional — but allows for progression to be shared on all platforms.

Is Fortnite Crossplay Everywhere Now?

No, but it is an important step towards that goal. Fortnite has a PS4 crossplay beta that is available to everybody with a linked Epic Games account. This beta brings players across all systems together into one big battle royale. Linking your Fortnite account will enable PS4 players to engage in the beta, and other systems have had crossplay available through Epic Games Fortnite Accounts.