Football Manager 2019 New Features – Tactics, UI, Training

Introducing the Football Manager 2019 new features. Yes, there’s a lot to cover in the latest instalment of Sports Interactive’s long-running soccer management sim, but here are the highlights: a new UI; a big change to training; the inclusion of VAR; a different tactics system, and so much more besides that. We’ve given a brief overview below to whet the appetite, with links to SI’s fully-fledged rundowns also included.

Football Manager 2019 New Features: UI

As per the SI Games forums, the user interface (UI) has been overhauled dramatically. Gone are the bland and muted colors, in its place, a sweeping change with a shift towards a purple and yellow color scheme. Take a look:

football manager 2019 new features

Not only that, but you might be able to tell from the shot above that everything is far more compact in FM 19. Where once the game utilized empty space like it was going of fashion has instead been supplanted by a smart, smooth interface that throws every bit of info you could possibly need into one neat page. It’s transformative, to say the least.

Football Manager 2019 New Features: Training

football manager 19 new features

Described as “its biggest overhaul in the series” the Football Manager 2019 approach to training takes an oft-overlooked feature and makes it feel fresh again.

Instead of the bulk “Attacking” or “Defending Set Pieces” training you would previously instruct your players to undergo each week, you’ve now got a brand new format that delves into shaping a team into how exactly you want them to play.

Each day, you’ll have three separate training sessions and there’s now a multitude of options to pick from. Screenshots already reveal “Aerial training” and “Chance creation” (perfect for your misfiring strikers) but SI’s Neil Brock has outlined training that thinks even further outside the box. They include features such as “team bonding” and “community outreach sessions.”

You can, of course, leave all of this to your assistant manager and coaches, should you feel like this is a feature that would weigh too heavily on the actual managing of your time. But this is big. There’s now a chance for you to delve into the intricacies of what makes each player tick and, along with last year’s Team Dynamics and Social Group features, we’re looking at a more fully fleshed out and well-rounded team for you to interact with. That can only be a good thing.

Football Manager 2019 New Features: VAR and Match Engine Changes

football manager 2019 new features

Not a groundbreaking feature, but still a necessity in the ever-changing world of football. VAR technology has made its way into Football Manager 2019. That includes the different types of VAR, depending on the competitions which use them in real-life. The controversy surrounding video technology will also crop up in press conferences (via Sports Interactive).

But what use is that if the on-pitch action doesn’t hold up well? Thankfully, SI has rung the changes with over 500 new animations, plus a tweak to tactical roles and instructions so they can further replicate their real-life counterparts.

Football Manager 2019 New Features: Bundesliga

It’s been a long time coming, but the Bundesliga (and German national team) is now officially licensed in the FM series. That includes all 36 licensed teams across the top two divisions, plus kits, badges, logos, and even player faces. Gud, ja?

Football Manager 2019 New Features: Tactics

football manager 2019 new features

The FM 19 tactics breakdown is probably the most impressive new feature, however. Now, you can adopt tactical styles such as Gegenpressing and Tiki-Taka and implement them in-game for the very first time. They come with their very own player instructions and roles so even the laziest of tracksuit managers can get to grips with it.

Strangely, FM 19 is also following the lead somewhat of PES 2019 and FIFA 19 with its own style of tactical in-game shifts. Now, you can set tactics so your team will set up differently depending on if they’re in possession or out of possession. For example, your 4-5-1 when defending can immediately spring to a 4-3-3 when you’ve won the ball back. It’s a little touch, but a crucial one nonetheless.

Four mentalities have also been scrapped. Contain, Counter, Control and Overload are gone and, in their place, comes Very Defensive, Cautious, Positive and Very Attacking respectively. That’s not all: there’s a handful of new player roles such as Pressing Forward as No Nonsense Centre Back.