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Fallout 76 Beta Release Date, How to Join, Can I Keep My Save File?

Fallout 76‘s release date is edging closer. It’s set to land on November 14, and fans cannot wait to get their hands on it. You’ll be delighted to hear that the Fallout 76 beta is on the way, but how do you access the beta on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and when is the Fallout 76 beta release date? We’ll also address whether or not your progress will be reset or if you can keep your save when the beta is over.

Fallout 76 Beta Release Date

Based on what platform you own, you’ll have a different date for the Fallout 76 beta release date. The beta comes out on Xbox One first on October 23, before the PC and PS4 editions are released on October 30. Fans who want to play the beta should also be aware that you can only access it if you pre-order the game – either digitally or as a hard copy – before the Fallout 76 beta release date.

How do I Join the Fallout 76 Beta With a Digital Pre-Order?

If you have pre-ordered Fallout 76 digitally for PC, you’ll be able to play the beta once it’s live on the Bethesda Launcher. If you haven’t downloaded that, you can do so here and install the launcher for free, and you’ll need to create an account on first to be able to access it. For Xbox One and PS4 users, pr-ordering the game digitally on the Xbox or PlayStation store will grant you access to the Fallout 76 beta release date when it’s, well, released. Search for ‘Fallout 76 beta’ on your console’s store to access it.

How do I Join the Fallout 76 Beta With a Physical Pre-Order?

If you pre-order the title physically from Amazon or GameStop, you will receive a code when you get your pre-order confirmation receipt. PC gamers can redeem this code on the Bethesda Launcher, while Xbox One and PS4 players are required to get their actual beta code by following the steps below:

1) Create a free account on If you already have an account, simply log in.

2) Redeem the code from your receipt to allow your Bethesda account to access the Fallout 76 beta.

3) Your Fallout 76 beta release date code will be made available on its respective launch day. Redeem this code on launch day to play it.

Will my Progress be Reset or Can I Keep my Fallout 76 Save File?

In something of a rare move, it won’t. Bethesda confirmed, via its Fallout 76 beta FAQ, that player progress will carry over into the final product. That’s because the beta is, in actual fact, the full game itself. Betas are usually reserved to only show off a small portion of games ahead of their official release, but Bethesda has taken the opportunity to release the full game to allow players to explore as much of it as possible.

That will ensure that their Fallout 76 beta progress carries over, at the very least, due to the full world being present. Bethesda have also stated that more information on this front will be provided soon, so expect to hear more on this within the next few weeks.

What Else is Worth Knowing?

The beta will be around 45GB in size to download, and won’t be available for pre-load. That means you’ll only be able to download it on the day that the beta is released. Still, if it means your Fallout 76 beta progress stays intact for the full release, we don’t think anyone will complain.

In other notable news, Bethesda has revealed that the beta won’t be available to play 24/7. They claim that the Fallout 76 beta is being used to test the server strength and potentially break the game, to see where those stress markers lie. That means that the beta will only be playable in specific time slots that will last between four and eight hours on any given day. Bethesda noted that they will give players as much notice as possible about when the beta will be available to test, so be sure to keep an eye out on their official social media channels.

Finally, anyone wishing to provide feedback to Bethesda over the Fallout 76 beta have been told to contact them on social media. Bethesda will be keeping up-to-date with all of the feedback it’s given on Twitter and Facebook, as well as its official forums.