Box art - Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Rowboat: What is the Rowboat?

The Sea of Thieves 1.2.4 update: Forsaken Shores is live now. Alongside plenty of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, a new boat was added to the game. Yes, you can now find a rowboat in Sea of Thieves. What is the Sea of Thieves rowboat? How do you use it? Where can we find it? All is revealed below, matey.

Sea of Thieves Rowboat: What Is It?

Fed up of trying to navigate the dangerous shores of Sea of Thieves in large vessels? The rowboat is here to alleviate those pains. The rowboat’s description from the official website explains. “Navigating… hazards can be tricky in a large ship, but the new rowboat is the perfect way to sneak ashore… use this nippy little vessel to slip through hazards, avoid sharks and carry cargo.” The rowboat is the fourth type of ship to come to Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Rowboat: How to Use It

A rowboat can be used by up to four players at once. One or two people will have to row, while a player can be sat at the front end of the ship, and one at the back. The rowboat can be used in singleplayer, too. Simply find one, hop in, use the trigger buttons to steer left and right, and then RB or LB to brake in either direction.

Sea of Thieves Rowboat: Where to Find Them

The rowboat seems like a very useful bit of pirate kit if you ask us. Rare obviously knew that they would be a popular addition to the game, as you’ll be able to find a rowboat on every single ship in the game. The rowboat will either be hanging off the side of a ship, on a crane, or on deck, over the grill. If not, you’ll find them washed up on any of the game’s many islands. You’ll never go without one. A handy getaway tool indeed.