Box art - Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Starlink Star Fox – How to Play as Fox McCloud

Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world space exploration shooting action game, Starlink Battle for Atlas is due to release in just a few weeks on October 16, 2018. The game is releasing on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. The Switch version, however, has some exclusive Starlink Star Fox content. How do you play as Fox McCloud in Starlink? What does he do? All is revealed below.

How to Play as Fox in Starlink

Starlink Star Fox

Starlink is a game that sees you take control of various different pilots in an adventure that combines space combat with exploration. It’s a toys-to-life experience, so to play as a pilot, you’ll need to own their figure. You may have seen that Star Fox is involved in the game’s plot to some extent. The Starlink Star Fox content is only available on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, however. Any copy of the Switch game comes with a Fox McCloud figurine, his trusty Arwing spaceship, and a couple of standard weapons alongside the game’s hero: Mason Rana.

To play as Fox McCloud, you’ll need to attach him to your loadout on top of your Starlink Arwing starship toy, which attaches to your controller via a dock. You’ll be able to play as Fox during any stage of the game, but there are exclusive missions involving him and his crew. Unfortunately, if you try to use your Arwing or Fox figure on the PS4 or Xbox One edition of the game, it won’t do anything. This is Switch exclusive content, folks.

What are the Exclusive Star Fox Missions in Starlink?

Throughout the Switch version of Starlink, you’ll play through exclusive Star Fox missions. Fox, Peppy, Slippy, and Falco will all turn up throughout the game, helping the Starlink team on their quest, while trying to track down the nefarious Wolf O’Donnell. The original Star Fox voice actors reprise their roles in Starlink, too, which is a nice touch. Every now and then, you’ll be whisked away on a Star Fox specific mission, too. The Arwing ship has unique weapons and stats, too, but these can be changed on the fly with any toys you have bought.