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HoTS Fall of King’s Crest Guide: Halloween Event Tips & More

Gather around the fireside for some warm comfort because it’s about to get spooky. That’s right; it’s that time of year – Halloween. Every one of Blizzard‘s titles has something going for it that involves pumpkins and jump scares, and Heroes of the Storm is absolutely no exception to that rule. Enter the Fall of King’s Crest, which is this year’s scary sojourn into the darkness of all things ghostly and ghoulish. Our HoTS Fall of King’s Crest guide will tell you what’s going on, what you can get, and how you can get it.

HoTS Fall of King’s Crest Guide – What You Need to Know

HoTS players will already be familiar with the Raven Lord, as well as some of the lore surrounding the events that plague the Nexus which draws heavily from the stories of the various Blizzard franchises that make their home in the game. Fall of King’s Crest is this year’s Halloween event, which means that if you’ve previously missed out on rewards from other spooky events past, you’ll be able to pick them up here from Loot Chests specifically for the event. The premise of this year’s Fall of King’s Crest revolves around taking down the Raven Lord’s evil henchmen. Much like the Lich King’s generals, these characters are famed baddies from the World of Warcraft universe, with the exception of a newer addition in the form of an Overwatch hero.

You’ll have to successfully take on and conquer the Raven Lord’s best and brightest – Spectral Wyrm Alexstrasza, Spider Warden Maiev, Witch of the Hollows Whitemane and Phantom Knight Zarya. However, that might be easier said than done. Each general will have their very own questline that you’re going to need to beat, and we’ll let you know exactly what quests to do to ensure your victory. This event will run until its end date on October 15.

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HoTS Fall of King’s Crest Guide – General Quests

The four generals of the Raven Lord are no slouch in combat. It’s going to take a lot of teamwork to take them down, and you can’t just approach it like any HotS match. In order to defeat all the generals, you have to do specific things in HotS maps. You can only complete one quest at a time, so it won’t be possible to work towards goals for other quests if you haven’t conquered the one previously given to you for that general’s defeat. We would recommend taking on one general at a time and working down the list of necessary quests before turning your attention to the final objectives.

Fall of King’s Crest Guide – Spectral Wyrm Alexstrasza

The quests you have to do to defeat Spectral Wyrm Alexstrasza are as follows:

  1. A Spectral Touch: Do 60,000 spell damage in games that you win
  2. Taking Back the Town: Take 4 Watchtowers in games that you win
  3. Carrying the Team: Contribute 30,000 EXP in games that you win
  4. A Helping Hand: Earn either the Clutch Healer, Combat Medic, Main Healer, or MVP award

Fall of King’s Crest Guide – Spider Warden Maiev

The quests you have to do to defeat Spider Warden Maiev are as follows:

  1. The Way of the Blade: Do 50,000 AA damage in games that you win
  2. 1 Strike 2 Kills: Get 6 Multi Kills in games that you win
  3. Leading the Charge: Do 100,000 Hero Damage in games that you win
  4. Squashing the Fire Warden: Earn either the Dominator, Scrapper, Escape Artist, or MVP award

Fall of King’s Crest Guide – Witch of the Hollows Whitemane

The quests you have to do to defeat Witch of the Hollows Whitemane are as follows:

  1. Healing the Wounded: Do 100,000 HP worth of healing in games that you win
  2. Destroying the Encampments: Destroy 6 Forts or Keeps in games that you win
  3. Rejuvenating Force: Win 2 games as a Support Hero
  4. Strength in Numbers: Play 4 games with a friend

Fall of King’s Crest Guide – Phantom Knight Zarya

The quests you have to do to defeat Phantom Knight Zarya are as follows:

  1. Gathering Reinforcements: Capture 6 Mercenary camps in games that you win
  2. Toughen Up: Win a game without dying more than 4 times
  3.  Protecting the Citizens: Win 2 games as a Warrior Hero
  4. Outmatch the Phantom Knight: Earn either the Bulwark, Guardian, Daredevil, or MVP award

Once you’ve defeated all the generals, you’ll then have the ability to do one of the two following quests:

  1. One Last Stand: Get 40 Takedowns in games that you win
  2. The Dragon Knight’s Curse: Deal 300,000 siege damage in games that you win

HoTS Fall of King’s Crest Guide – Halloween Rewards

If you’re wondering about the sorts of rewards that you’ll get for playing, then you’re in luck. As with pretty much every other HoTS season event, you’re going to get your fair share of glamors, sprays, and emoji to use. There are spooky skins available for a whole ton of characters, spooky new mounts, and the Hallowed Broom mount which is only available to those who pick up Witch of the Hollows Whitemane. You’ll also be able to get yourselves some banners, war chests, and character portraits for you to customize your profile.

We’ve already mentioned that picking up old event skins is going to be possible if you’re lucky enough to pick up some King’s Crest Loot Chests – these will come in the Common, Rare and Epic varieties.

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what you’ll get for taking on the Raven Lord and his cronies, it’s just a matter of putting together a squad with the necessary skills to kick butt and to take names.

You’ll note that pretty much all of the achievements require you to rack up certain kills and achievements when you’re victorious, so it’s not just a matter of participating; you also have to do well. There’s plenty to do during Fall of King’s Crest, and you’ve only got about another week to crack onto it all and to make sure that you get the most out of this spooky Halloween event. From past rewards to flashy new things, there’s something for everyone at this time of the year. Now all you have to do is go out there and own it on the Nexus.