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Destiny 2 Find a Fireteam Disabled – How to Find a Fireteam

You’re probably itching to get on to Destiny 2 and polish off a few Raids and Strikes, but Find a Fireteam has been disabled. Disaster. What to do now? Aside from pulling your hair out, we’ll look at when a Find a Fireteam return is due, if there’s a fix, and how to find a Fireteam in Destiny 2 without the feature.

Destiny 2 Find a Fireteam Disabled: Why Has it Been Removed?

Beginning September 30, Bungie has taken the decision to remove “some clan Fireteam features” due to a bug on the Destiny 2 Companion App that caused players to time out. That has since been resolved, but the Find a Fireteam page on Bungie’s site has been disabled for the time being, meaning you can’t access the feature at all.

As of October 1, there has been no Find a Fireteam fix, nor is there one forthcoming. Expect a Destiny 2 hotfix sometime this week between October 1 and October 5 as Bungie isn’t the type of developer to let an issue like this run and run.

Why is that such a big deal? For the uninitiated, the Find a Fireteam feature on the Destiny 2 Companion App (and, allowed like-minded players to team up and tackle the myriad of activities available in the game that require skill, communication, and teamwork. Without it, you’re stumbling in the dark a little, but there is a way around it. It’s back to good old-fashioned cries for help.

How to Find a Fireteam in Destiny 2 

The first port of call for anyone looking to face down some of the tougher tasks in Destiny 2 should be the Clan Recruitment forum. Here, you can join up and communicate with active members of the community and, feasibly, arrange for a squad to be formed pretty quickly. The Bungie forum as a whole is also a goldmine for squad shoutouts.

There’s also a couple of console-specific workarounds: Namely, the Xbox One Join a Club feature lets you form groups based around interests and games, including Destiny 2.

The PS4, meanwhile, has PS Plus Communities, designed to “connect you to other gamers who play the same game as you.” Perfect for post-Forsaken content, then. As the name suggests, you’ll need a PlayStation Plus membership to utilize this feature, but it’s a neat stopgap while Bungie fixes the Find a Fireteam issue.