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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset – When Does Destiny 2 Reset Today? (October 2)

When does Destiny 2 reset today? You’re all asking it and, like most of the mechanics in Bungie’s shooter, it runs like clockwork. The Destiny 2 weekly reset often brings with it a whole host of changes so, along with the reset start time, we’ll also have a rundown of what leaves, arrives, and ticks over every Tuesday. Let’s get down to it.

When Does Destiny 2 Reset Today?

The Destiny 2 reset time for today, October 2, is set at 10:00 a.m. Pacific/1:00 p.m. Eastern/6:00 p.m. BST, and this will be the case until the clocks fall back for Autumn on October 28. There is no scheduled downtime, nor is any maintenance relating to the reset planned. As per the Bungie Help site, there is only “backend maintenance” which just so happens to coincide with the Destiny 2 weekly reset.

What Changes with the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

While there are daily resets, the Destiny 2 weekly reset is far more important to the game’s ecosystem. Ergo, you should have a solid handle on what goes down every Tuesday to make sure you aren’t missing out or rushing to finish certain activities when you don’t have to.

  • Every week, the weekly reset marks the moment where Xur says his goodbyes, only to return 72 hours later for his new Xur inventory.
  • Spider’s Wanted Bounty gets a new lineup every Tuesday.
  • All progression and rewards will be refreshed for the following activities: Strikes, Nightfall Strikes, Call to Arms Crucible Challenges, Raid Challenges, Raid Checkpoints.

In addition to this, the weekly reset also hits clans hardest. Clan XP rewards will go back down and you’ll have to build them back up again by completing various activities together or solo. The weekly reset is put in place so those who have reached the ceiling for their Power Levels can eke out every last drop by completing a refreshed stack of activities every single week.