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Fortnite 6.01 Patch Notes Update – Chiller Trap, Playground Custom Options, and More

The Fortnite 6.01 patch notes (or the Fortnite 1.82 patch notes on PS4) update is now available to read, thanks to our gracious gaming overlords over at Epic Games making them public. Despite taking over the video game universe, the Fortnite developers are still keeping busy by providing regular updates to the game. Last week, we saw the launch of Season 6, bringing a huge number of changes to the map, as well as other gameplay tweaks and improvements. While the Fortnite 6.01 update is understandably less exciting than the big 6.00 patch, it still contains a good number of changes that should help freshen up the Fortnite experience. These include a brand new Chiller trap, which will give enemies a slippery time, as well as Playground custom options, which allow players to fine-tune elements of the private match mode. Read of the full list of patch notes highlights! (And yes, there’s downtime, which should last about an hour!)

Fortnite 6.01 Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.82 Patch Notes) – Chiller Item

Fortnite 1.82 Patch Notes

Arguably the biggest highlight of the Fortnite 6.01 patch notes (Fortnite 1.82 patch notes) update is the Chiller, a common trap whose description reads: “Hello ice, goodbye friction!” The Chiller can be placed on floors, walls, or ceilings, and applies the “icy feet” effect to friends or foes, which causes them to slide around with low friction. This is sure to be the cause of many frustrating deaths!

The Chiller location is set to treasure chests, supply drops, vending machines, supply llamas, and floor loot. It drops in stacks of three. As it is a common item, you can expect to frequently run into this new trap. Be very wary while entering buildings, and check the floor, walls, and ceilings for any sign of ice!

Fortnite 6.01 Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.82 Patch Notes) – Playground Custom Options

Fortnite 1.82 patch notes

Those of you enjoying the Fortnite Playground limited time mode will be happy to hear that more advanced tweaks can now be made to the private match game type. Playground Custom Options have been detailed in the Fortnite 6.01 patch notes (Fortnite 1.82 patch notes), which include the ability to change settings such as starting health, time of day, gravity, and more! The gravity option is especially interesting, as it essentially infuses the power of Kevin (the purple cube!) into players, giving them the ability to tweak jump and fall time and distance. Gravity is now in your hands!

Fortnite 1.82 Patch Notes on PS4

The Fortnite 1.82 patch notes for PS4 are identical to the 6.01 patch notes. For whatever reason, PlayStation patches are numbered differently. This is the case for most games, and is not exclusive to Fortnite.

Other changes included in the Fortnite 6.01 patch notes (Fortnite 1.82 patch notes) include bug fixes, with pets now being hidden alongside your character when the camera is too close to the player model. Also, toys now respect the streamer mode setting for player names in minigames messages. Finally, the hitbox size on the Fancy Tomato item has now been slightly increased to match its visual size.

A big change to game audio is the new Glider audio tells. Glider audio is now muffled if there isn’t a clear line of sight between the player and other gliding players. This means that gliding enemies could get the drop of you more easily, so be wary!

Fortnite 6.01 Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.82 Patch Notes) – Save the World

Fortnite 1.82 Patch Notes

We can’t forget about Save the World, as the Fortnite 6.01 patch notes (Fortnite 1.82 patch notes) also detail big changes to this mode. The Lead Sled Hammer has been added to the Weekly Store. This is a fast-swinging hammer that gains speed with each hit. It also boasts a Leap Attack, which is a heavy attack that jumps to the targeted foe and damages and knocks down nearby enemies. The Lead Sled Hammer is only available for a week, so if you’re interested, make sure you grab it sooner rather than later!

The Obliterator Sniper Rifle has also been added to the Weekly Store. As a slow firing sniper rifle with high base damage and a heavy kick, you’ll want to make sure that you’re being consistently accurate with your shots. The weapon’s bullets can pierce through walls and enemies, and can quickly take down structures. Brutal stuff!

Big fixes specific to Save the World include: a solution to the Walloper Hammer sometimes not doing damage while using the Leap Attack, a fix for the hitch while using the aforementioned Leap Attack, and an improvement to the elemental visual effects being hidden when the camera moves too close to the player.

Fortnite 6.01 Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.82 Patch Notes) – Disco Domination Limited Time Mode

Fortnite 1.82 Patch Notes

While it may have been assumed by many that the Fortnite 6.01 patch notes (Fortnite 1.82 patch notes) would contain the Disco Domination limited time mode, which has been teased in the game’s in-game “News” menu, it sadly does not. Players can therefore expect the mode to be implemented at a later date, possibly tomorrow or Friday. As we’ve seen in the past, these “Coming soon!” updates can take even longer!

When the Fortnite Disco Domination limited time mode does eventually drop, we’ll be able to finally enjoy Fortnite‘s variation of the classic Domination mode. The new LTM’s description already teases at the chaos: “Capture and defend Dance Floors around the island using emotes to earn points.” I’m curious if this type of mode will mean respawns are enabled, as this would completely change how Fortnite plays. It sure would be interesting!

Of course, Epic Games’ incorporating emotes within a game type is going to give players who have invested a lot of money into the Item Store a chance to show off. A more cynical gamer might see this as a chance for Epic Games to really push players into buying more emotes… but I’ll leave that for you to decide!

Regardless, the Fortnite Disco Domination LTM is sure to be an interesting game type for players to enjoy. When it does eventually drop, be sure to give it a go, as it won’t be hanging around forever. These limited time modes often disappear quickly, so keep an eye out!

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