Is Instagram Down? – Why Can’t I Refresh My Feed?

Is Instagram down? (Or, if you’re on Twitter: is #Instagramdown?) You bet your life it is – but only for some users. For many, you’re probably still hanging on in there, but Instagram users are reporting that they can’t refresh their feed. Here’s a closer look at the situation so you can avoid the FOMO.

Where in the World is Instagram Down?

According to Down Detector’s map, the Instagram app is down across the West Coast, including California though, strangely, it isn’t affecting the East Coast. This could, however, be because those in the Eastern time zone are simply asleep right now.

Elsewhere, Australia, parts of mainland Europe, and the U.K. are currently seeing Instagram down, though don’t be surprised if it is, in fact, a worldwide server outage.

For How Long is Instagram Down?

According to those on Twitter, Instagram has been done since roughly 12:00 a.m. Pacific/3:00 a.m. Eastern/8:00 p.m. BST and has shown no sign of being fixed. Tellingly, Instagram’s own Help Centre states “We don’t currently have any known issues to report,” indicating that out-of-office hours has affected Instagram, owing to the site’s HQ being based in California. Ergo, no one’s in to remedy the problem.

Why Can’t I Refresh My Feed?

So, what is the crux of the issue? Simply put, Instagram users can no longer refresh their feed to access new (or even old) posts. While we can only speculate, there appears to be (un)scheduled maintenance or, more than likely, a server outage that has dramatically affected Instagram server-side. To be clear: this isn’t an issue on your end, but we can, too, show you what to do if you want an Instagram down fix. It’s called feedback, unfortunately.

What to do Now That Instagram is Down

First up, here’s what you shouldn’t do: don’t uninstall and re-install the app; don’t seek the solace of third-party software and, whatever you do, don’t go on Facebook. That’s where your parents live.

As the error is in its infancy, Instagram needs to be made aware of the issues. To do that, go to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines, then head to Settings (marked by the gear symbol). Once there, scroll down and tap “Report a Problem” and fill in your feedback. All being told, Instagram is probably aware, but it doesn’t hurt to give a quick nudge now, does it?