Box art - Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11 Pre-Order Bonus Missing – Where’s My Code?

Chances are, you’re getting ready to play the Blue Bomber’s latest adventure, only to find the Mega Man 11 pre-order code is missing or hasn’t yet turned up. You’re not alone. The eight instrumental stage themes, termed “Wily Numbers” were enough to entice many fans to plunk down their cash; but they haven’t arrived. Here’s how to find your Mega Man 11 pre-order bonus, at least at GameStop – and what to do if you bought elsewhere.

Where is my Mega Man 11 Pre-Order Code?

If you’re pre-ordered from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, or your preferred platform’s digital storefront, you should have your Mega Man 11 pre-order bonus right now. There are reports from Reddit of codes just going live in the wee (American) hours of October 3 so your email account, particularly your junk inbox should be your first point of reference. But that’s not the case for a little of people; many are still twiddling their thumbs waiting for their octet of orchestrated tracks.

Users on Twitter have contacted Capcom, which offers us a clearer look into the situation. The developer’s official line is that the codes will come “generally shortly after the game is launched.”

Basically, you’re just going to have to wait until codes get processed and sent out. It doesn’t appear to be a problem on Capcom’s end, though. A quick nudge in the direction of the respective retailers’ customer support, such as Amazon Help, should get the ball rolling a little quicker.

There is hope, though. If you’ve ordered the Mega Man 11 amiibo edition from GameStop you can, as per ResetERA, check your receipt. On it, you will find the code printed out and ready to redeem the retro-themed soundtrack. Additional replies in that thread also present confirmation of a “technical glitch” on Amazon’s end, which would be why Mega Man 11 codes haven’t been sent out just yet. In any case, patience is the key – unless you went to GameStop. If so, you can pipe those sweet tunes into your eardrums.