Dragalia Lost Castle Guide

One of the more minor, but still important, features in Nintendo’s new mobile RPG is the Dragalia Lost Castle. This base-building mini-game may seem simple, but it will greatly help you. So what can you do with it and how can you grow your castle? Read on and find out.

Dragalia Lost Castle Basics

To put it simply, the Dragalia Lost castle is a base-building minigame. You will build new facilities that will help you in your quest and earn more much-needed materials. It is not automatically unlocked from the beginning, so you will have to play through some of the campaign to unlock it.

Dragalia Lost Castle Grounds

This will be your main interaction for the Dragalia Lost Castle feature. Here you will see all of the facilities you have built so far. This part of the castle will also allow you to harvest various materials and currencies, as well as upgrade the buildings you have made. There are three categories of facilities: production, adventurers, and decorative.

Production buildings will allow you to harvest materials and currency over time automatically. The most likely one you will first get is a rupie mine, which will give you the necessary currency for various upgrades.

Adventurers buildings will give you small stat boosts to characters aligned with the various elements. For instance, a fire altar (at level one) will give flame element characters a 0.5 percent increase to HP and strength. Finally, decorative is pretty straightforward and allows you to personalize your own castle grounds.

A key part of your castle grounds is the Halidom. This building will determine how many buildings you can have on your grounds at once. Therefore, the higher its level, the more buildings you can have.

It also must be noted that you can upgrade all these facilities using Rupies and various other materials.

Dragalia Lost Castle – Dragon Roost

As discussed in our guide for Dragons, the Dragon Roost section of the Castle menu allows you to bond with your dragon more. This is done by feeding them various food items that cost increasing amounts for better effectiveness. Don’t worry though since you will get one daily free item to feed your favorite scaled creature. On top of this, as you increase your bond with a dragon, they will reward you with various useful items.

Dragalia Lost Castle – Stories

In the Dragalia Lost Castle menu, you will be able to view various stories featuring your adventures and dragons. These cutscenes show small vignettes or backstory of your various allies. They also serve a purpose beyond expanding the lore since watching them will reward you more Wyrmite.

To unlock more adventurer stories you need to either summon more of them or upgrade them through the mana circle. For the latter method, you will need to activate the “stories” nodes on each level of the individual adventurers’ circles. As for dragons, you can unlock more of their stories through the aforementioned bonding process.

There will also be castle stories available, but currently, they have not been implemented into the game. However, the help section of Dragalia Lost does mention you will need an item called “Looking Glasses” to unlock them.

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