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All Battlefield 5 Reinforcements – All BF5 Scorestreaks Guide

Battlefield 5 is set to be released on November 20. The next installment in EA’s and DICE’s long running war franchise will once again focus on World War II, and players have already got hands-on with it in the form of a beta. Since then, DICE have come out and officially revealed all BF5 scorestreaks that players will have at their disposal at launch next month. From weapons to vehicles and much more in between, there are plenty of ways to take on your enemies. Here, we give a rundown on all Battlefield 5 reinforcements available to players, providing you chalk up a good enough scorestreak that is.

All Battlefield 5 Reinforcements – What are Reinforcements?

All Battlefield 5 Reinforcements available

Reinforcements are perks that you earn which help turn the tide of battle in your favor. If your squad is able to hold control points, help each other out on the battlefield, and more, you’ll earn these scorestreaks. This, in turn, leads to the accumulation of squad points – points that squad leaders earn by directing their troops to secure areas on the map, for example.

When a squad leader has collected enough squad points in Battlefield 5, they can spend these points on seven different reinforcements. All Battlefield 5 reinforcements have their own unique ability to help your company on the front line, so let’s dig in and see what options are on offer to players.

All Battlefield 5 Reinforcements – What Reinforcements are Available?

All Battlefield 5 Reinforcements what is available

As mentioned, there are seven reinforcements present in Battlefield 5. The seven that you can spend your squad points on are the V-1 Rocket, the JB-2 Rocket, the Sturmtiger, the Churchill Crocodile, the Supply Canister Drop, the T48 GMC 6 pdr AT Half-track, and the Sd. Kfz 251 Pakwagen.

The V-1 and JB-2 rockets can be dropped on enemies from the sky, causing massive damage to the immediate and surrounding area, and can send your foes running for the nearest bit of shelter to protect them from the incoming blast. The Sturmtiger and Churchill Crocodile, meanwhile, are heavy-handed tanks of German and British origin respectively. The duo are equipped to gun down (or run down!) your enemies with a variety of weapons. The Churchill Crocodile, in particular, has a tasty flamethrower attachment that can be used to burn your opponents alive!

The supply canister drop gives your squad armor, ammunition, or health to replenish your vitals during battle, and may prove to be the difference between life or death in certain scenarios. Finally, the T48 and Pakwagen are US and German are armored fighting vehicles. Both come equipped with a mounted turret and are used to transport troops around the battlefield to where they are needed most.

All Battlefield 5 Reinforcements – What Other Gadgets Can I Use?

All Battlefield 5 Reinforcements gadgets

We’re glad you asked. In Battlefield 5, there will be 16 gadgets available at launch for players to use. These gadgets will be used on whichever class you play as, however. Choosing between Assault, Medic, Recon, and Support classes will let you have access to different loadouts, and help your squad out with a variety of gadgets. Many of these will be unlocked by default, but others should be unlockable once you start increasing your rank during and after matches.

There are two crates which will be important to players, the ammo and medical crates, which can both help to swing personal battles in your direction. They are also available as ammo and medical pouches too, but are smaller in size than the crates. There’s a flare gun, which can presumably be used to call for help and let others see your location based on where the flare rises from. The SMLE Smoke Grenade Launcher and Sniper Decoy gadgets can confuse your foes if deployed correctly, and the Spawn Beacon lets squads create their own place to spawn at when you inevitably get gunned down.

Finally, there are a few weapons to combat vehicles and enemy troops. The PIAT, Sturmpistole, and Panzerfraust 100 are anti-tank weapons, while the S 35 Bouncing Betty, Teller mine, grenade rifle, and sticky dynamite offer a wide variety of explosives which enable players to deal with tanks, troops, and other vehicles in Battlefield 5.

For a full rundown of the weapons that will be available in Battlefield 5 at launch, check out our other guide here. It provides a detailed list of the primary, siderarm, and throwable weapons that can be used during matches.