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Destiny 2 – What is The Bungie Bounty?

Destiny 2 maintains its popularity on all systems because developer Bungie continually keeps the game updated with huge expansions such as Forsaken, new modes, and fun events. One of the newest events, that the team has only recently introduced in the last couple of months, is the Bungie Bounty. But what is the Destiny 2 Bungie Bounty? Is one going on right now? Who were previously chosen to be hunted? We’ll do our best to answer.

What is The Destiny 2 Bungie Bounty Event?

The Destiny 2 Bungie Bounty event is a special community event that Bungie introduced in August 2018. What happens is that Bungie identifies either a community player or a single developer, who on a specific day becomes the Bounty and is targeted by all other players. Bungie then announces the target player, along with the date, time, playlist and platform where that person will be hanging out.

Players compete against that person to earn an exclusive Emblem. This Emblem is called the “Sign of Mutual Combat,” and it is exclusive to the Bungie Bounty event. To earn the Emblem, players must either be on the winning team opposite the Bounty, or win the match when placed into an open slot on the Bounty’s team. Once the Emblem has been received, it appears in the Emblem Collection in the Vault in Destiny 2.

Who Are the Most Recent Bungie Bounties?

As we write this on October 4, the currently announced Bungie Bounty players for today are Sheikh17 and Arekkhz in the UK, and Broman in the US. The next Bungie Bounty will be on Saturday October 6 and will be 3GB from Mexico. Previous targeted players this month have included Tyrodin, TheWildGamer, Rock, Aelris, Andy Edition, Cavaco, and Puxian. Presumably Bungie gets in touch with these players before the announcement, to make sure they’re available on that exact date and time.