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No Man’s Sky 1.63 Update Patch Notes – Online Racing Fix, Pilgrim, Exocraft Customization

I feel the need for speed and, clearly, so does the No Man’s Sky 1.63 update. Not only is there a brand new vehicle in the Pilgrim to play about with, there’s an array of fresh Exocraft Customization options that would make Xzibit blush. While the update isn’t all about taking your sweet ride for a spin on some dusty planet (as you’ll be able to tell from the No Man’s Sky 1.63 update patch notes) there’s still yet more reason to put the pedal to the metal as there’s an online racing fix to write home about too.

No Man’s Sky 1.63 Update Patch Notes – New Vehicle (Pilgrim)

No Man's Sky 1.63

Say hello to the Pilgrim. Part-bike, part-pod racer from that Star Wars movie we don’t talk about, the new Exocraft is described as “rugged” and “fast-moving.” If you can afford the outlay, you can purchase the rights to have one of these bad boys dropped into you at any point by going to the Bluepoint Analyzer and picking up the Pilgrim Geobay.

No Man’s Sky 1.63 Update Patch Notes – Exocraft Customization

But that isn’t all. Both grip and drift levels can now be tweaked, and there’s also a whole painter’s shed worth of colors and designs to choose from if you want a really tricked-out ride. You can even change the colors of each door right down to the flame boost effects that emanate from your Exocraft. Perfect for scaring off all indigenous species within a 50,000 mile radius.

No Man’s Sky 1.63 Update Patch Notes – Online Racing

While the patch notes don’t make specific reference to any particular issue, No Man’s Sky not being able to start races at allraces are (hopefully) fixed as of 1.63. Everything from a weird limit on checkpoints to have cropped up in recent months.

No Man’s Sky 1.63 Update Full Patch Notes

You can read the full No Man’s Sky 1.63 update patch notes on the official site via its Development Update page.