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Destiny 2 Season 4 End Date – When is Season of the Forge?

We’ve got caught in a comfortable rhythm. Many are already looking towards the Destiny 2 season 4 end date and ahead to the future. But the Season of the Outlaw isn’t ending just yet. While we do have the Season of the Forge (aka Destiny 2 season 5) to look forward to, you’ll be forgiven for not wanting to say goodbye to the season that marks Cayde-6’s death just yet. However, we’re going to do just that pretty soon. Here’s when we can expect Destiny 2 season 4 to finish.

Destiny 2 Season 4 End Date – When is Season of the Forge?

As soon as Destiny 2 season 4 ends, we’ll roll into Season of the Forge. While we don’t have official word from Bungie on when the fourth season will be over and done with, we actually have a release window for Season of the Forge, one that will narrow things down considerably for those looking for a season 4 end date.

As per Bungie’s Beyond Launch roadmap, Season of the Forge is due to launch in December 2018. Not only does this chime with Bungie giving each season, much like Fortnite, around three months before putting a bullet in it, it also means we’re almost certainly getting an end date in the last few weeks of November, possibly into early December.

Taking our cues from Year 1, which saw season 2 launch on Tuesday, December 5, we can expect Destiny 2‘s season 5 to launch on the first Tuesday of December. That would mean that season 4 will end on December 3, 2018.

Again, there’s been nothing official, but Bungie sure does like its patterns. Seasons one and four both kicked off within the same week, a year apart, and the timing of the release window for season five leads us to believe that season 4 won’t hold over for long into December. In fact, we could be just over six weeks away from saying goodbye to the Season of the Outlaw and hello to the return of Heavy Machine Gunsnew weapons, new Crucible content, and much more.