Pangya: Fantasy Golf PSP Cheats

Unlocable Papels

Unlockable                     How to Unlock
Gray Rabbit PapelBuy another 20 pieces of clothing (Total of 40)
Panda PapelBuy another 20 pieces of clothing (Total of 80)
Striped PapelBuy 20 pieces of clothing
Yellow/Dog PapelBuy another 20 pieces of clothing (Total of 60)

Unlockable Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
ArinClear Arin's Level 1 story mode
AzerClear Azer's Level 1 story mode
Brie/CadieClear Arin's Level 2 story mode
CeciliaClear Cecilia's Level 1 story mode
CienClear Cieni's Level 2 story mode
Dark TitanClear Kooh's Level 2 story mode
KazClear Kaz's Level 1 story mode
KoohClear Kooh's Level 1 story mode
LolaClear Azer's Level 2 story mode
MaxClear Max's Level 1 story mode
MintiClear Kaz's Level 2 story mode
PipinClear Nuri's Level 2 story mode
QumaClear Hana's Level 2 story mode
TikiClear Max's Level 2 story mode
TitanbooClear Cecilia's Level 2 story mode

Unlockable Rings

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Accuracy Ring IIComplete Sepia Wind Challenges
Accuracy Ring IIIComplete Wind Hill Challenges
Control Ring IIComplete West Wiz Challenges
Control Ring IIIComplete Wiz Wiz Challenges
Curve RingComplete Blue Lagoon Challenges
Expert Ring (+1 on all stats)Complete White Wiz Challenges
Power Ring IIComplete Blue Moon Challenges
Power Ring IIIComplete Deep Inferno Challenges
Spin RingComplete Pink Wind Challenges