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Destiny 2 Breakthrough Removed – Will it Return?

Bungie has a reputation for listening to its community and none more so than with the removal of the Destiny 2 Breakthrough Crucible Competitive playlist. The mode, which only debuted back in September, has already been wiped from the game. Below, we’ll look at why that was and whether there’s any chance of Breakthrough returning to Destiny 2.

Why Was the Destiny 2 Breakthrough Game Mode Removed?

While Bungie hasn’t given an exact reason (the Bungie Help Twitter account merely cited “issues impacting Breakthrough”), Community Manager dmg04 recently tweeted, asking for feedback on the mode.

Among the replies were a laundry list of reasons as to why the Crucible mode has been removed, including:

  • Being pinned back in your own spawn area
  • No incentive to capture the first point as you can effectively lose the game if you don’t capture the second point
  • Games regularly going on for too long
  • The fact that it was put into Competitive rotation almost immediately after release

Users on Reddit have also complained about the lack of balance in the mode, particularly if one team is set up to storm a Vault instead of choosing to cap the mid point in a map.

All in all, the community feedback creates the impression that Breakthrough was a rushed and ultimately flawed and unbalanced Crucible mode that could have done with several more weeks of testing in Crucible Labs.

Will Breakthrough Return to Destiny 2?

This is very much a “wait and see” issue. The aforementioned tweet from dmg04 indicates that Bungie will at least try and forge forward with a Breakthrough return in the near-future, especially if certain aspects can be revamped and dropped entirely. However, as of writing, there has been no set return date for Breakthrough in Destiny 2, nor should you expect to see one for some time to come.