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Fortnite Hit a Player With a Tomato – How to Throw a Tomato

Week three of season six of the battle royale game has arrived and with it are new challenges. Because of that, many are asking how to complete the Fortnite Hit a Player With a Tomato challenge. This will require a specific emote to be unlocked and some very good aim. With that, let’s dive into how to throw a tomato in Fortnite!

Fortnite Hit a Player With a Tomato- How Do I Get a Tomato?

Getting a tomato for the Fortnite hit a player with a tomato challenge does not require much effort apart from going through the Season 6 battle pass. The tomato in Fortnite isn’t a specific item, but rather an emote that you unlock. It will be available to you on tier 28 of this season’s battle pass. Once you have gained enough battle stars to unlock it, you need to equip the emote.

Fortnite Hit a player with a Tomato

You need to head into your locker to do this. Once there, navigate to the emote section (which is below your cosmetics). Select one of the slots, find the tomato emote, and equip it.

How to Complete the Fortnite Hit a Player With a Tomato Challenge

Once you have equipped the emote, proceed into any game of your choice. The challenge requires you to hit another player that is 15 meters away or further with the fruit. Currently, it is not known whether this means you can hit squadmates with it or if you can only hit enemy players with it. Either way, the tomato has a slight arc when thrown, so you have to take that into account when you launch it at others. If you are throwing it at an opponent, your best bet is to wait until they have stopped to get the best shot for this challenge. 15 meters is a fair distance, so you will need to be rather far away to be successful.

Completing Fortnite hit a player with a tomato challenge will net you five battle stars towards your battle pass tiers.

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