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Fortnite Search a Chest in Lonely Lodge GuideAC

Search a chest in Lonely Lodge is a silver-grade Fortnite Season 6 Week 3 Battle Pass challenge that already sounds far more self-explanatory than most others. Rather than following a complicated map, deciphering clues, or hitting a player with a tomato from long range, the silver battle pass Week 6 challenge just wants to you loot a chest in a place you might already frequent. If you usually turtle up in Lonely Lodge, you won’t have much trouble getting the “Search a chest in Lonely Lodge” mission done. Just expect a few more unfriendly faces to pop up there this week as the mission runs its course.

Fortnite Search a Chest in Lonely Lodge

Fortnite search a chest in Lonely Lodge

When it comes to completing the Search a chest in lonely lodge Season Pass week 3 challenge, you’ll obviously have to take yourself over to Lonely Lodge to do what it asks. If you haven’t been there before, you’ll find the place hiding away on the east-most side of the map just under the Wailing Woods. That means you’ll be positioning yourself close to a cliff edge to get this task done, so you’ll want to keep your wits about you to avoid being hunted those who know the unique lay of the land.

Despite how it sounds, Lonely Lodge isn’t just a place, but an entire area. The lodge itself isn’t hard to find (you can clearly see it on the map), but because Lonely Lodge counts as the wooded area around the abode, you can complete the “Search a chest in Lonely Lodge” challenge just by looting a chest you might fight behind a tree. So if you’re too scared to fend off a few opponents in the lodge itself, just skulk around outside and hope for the best.

Make your time there count, though, as you’ll need to loot three chests in the mission. The wording doesn’t make this all that clear, but open one chest and you’ll see that the game actually wants three. Luckily, you can do this in separate matches rather than needing to luck out with three unopened chests in one game.

Sadly, that probably won’t be the end of this particular challenge. Going by trends of other similar tasks in the past, completing the Fortnite Search a chest in Lonely Lodge challege will simply send you off to open a chest somewhere else.