Black Ops 4 1.02 Update Patch Notes – What’s in the Day One Update?

The Black Ops 4 1.02 update is now live for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The Black Ops 4 Day One update is a whopper, too, at 15GB so, as you’d imagine, there’s plenty to get stuck into. Except, well, the Black Ops 4 1.02 Update patch notes have been reduced to literally four words, according to the latest PS4 update. Let’s find out what’s included and what’s changed in the Black Ops 4 1.02 update.

Black Ops 4 1.02 Update Patch Notes – Security and Stability Fixes

black ops 4 1.02 update

Hey, would you look at that. The Black Ops 4 1.02 update patch notes on PS4 (which you can check for yourself) after downloading the update by clicking Options on the Black Ops 4 game tile and heading to “Update History”) is wonderfully vague. In it, we have reference to security and stability fixes.

While that may not mean a whole lot to many, it could be a godsend for some. The opening day(s) (if you were lucky enough to get your copy early) have been plagued by crashes, as well as other bugs such as the peeking emote exploit. While we’ve received no official word whether the likes of that has been patched out, it’s a step in the right direction on what is bound to be a stressful day for both the servers and the developers.

The mention of “security” may worry some, though this is likely a move to clamp down on cheating software and teamkilling which, as the team’s Reddit post points out, includes having a “security team” to monitor any naughty so-and-sos.

Other than that, there’s not a great deal to go on. One encouraging piece of news, however, is that you’re likely downloading this update alongside the main install of Black Ops 4. If so, you’ll be able to play Blackout after around 30% of the game has installed, as per the official Activision Support page.

We’ll update this page as soon as official patch notes from Activision go live. In the meantime, enjoy your four words. That’s about as much as you’ll get out of me when I’m playing this weekend anyway, that’s for sure.