Black Ops 4 Divinity Weapon Missing – How to Fix

So, you’ve redeemed your pre-order code and, yet, you’ve found that your Black Ops 4 Divinity Weapon is missing. Sucks, right? However, don’t get into a panic just yet. Here’s where to find your Black Ops 4 Divinity pistol so you can finally get your hands on one of the game’s coolest guns.

Where is the Black Ops 4 Divinity Weapon?

The solution is surprisingly, if infuriatingly, simple. As pointed out by a member of the Call of Duty community forums, your Black Ops 4 Divinity weapon is actually tucked away amid a few menus.

To find it, go to your loadout. Once there, head for the “Secondary” category and on to “Pistols.” On the Pistols page, press up on your d-pad (and PC equivalent) and you’ll find your Divinity pistol, a favorite of specialist Strife. You can now use it to your heart’s content in multiplayer, with no need to go up any levels or unlock anything in particular, though there is a special gold version that will require you to complete a fair few challenges before you can pull the trigger on unlocking that.

My Black Ops 4 Divinity Pre-order Code Isn’t Working

This is a whole different kettle of fish entirely. OneBulletKiller on the Call of Duty forums suggests that GameStop, should you have pre-ordered from there, will be dishing out its codes late on October 12. For many, it may just be a case of waiting, twiddling your thumbs a bit, and get in contact with your respective retailers over the weekend if a code hasn’t come through.

It’s also worth pointing out that you should be redeeming any pre-order code through the official Call of Duty redeem page, which can be found here. Doing so elsewhere, such as on console storefronts, may yield a message that the code is invalid which, while it’s a half-truth, may cause you to panic more than you need to.