Black Ops 4 Day of the Dead Outfit – How to Equip

Got your Black Ops Pass but still having trouble with the Black Ops 4 Day of the Dead Outfit, otherwise known in-game as the Dia De Los Muertes promotion? You’re not alone. While you can’t equip on more than one Specialist, there is a way to equip the Day of the Dead outfit, even if you’ve already bypassed the option in the main menu. Below, we’ll show you how.

Black Ops 4 Day of the Dead Outfit – How to Equip

Black Ops 4 Day of the Dead

The crux of the issue seems to stem from many users changing their mind on which Specialist they want to select to wear the Day of the Dead outfit or, worse still, simply going back to the main menu and not choosing a single person to wear the Dia De Los Muertes skin. That would make it seem as if the Day of the Dead outfit is missing. Don’t worry, it’s not done a disappearing act on you in time for spooky season.

The Call of Duty support forums offer two solutions, one very simple, one slightly more complex. Let’s start with the basic stuff: a standard reset of your console (or a hard reset, especially on Xbox One) should shake off the cobwebs and give you a second chance at putting the Day of the Dead skin on someone’s character.

But there’s a better method. As user Oddball_127 points out, heading to Multiplayer and going through the menus in the following order: “Player,” “Personalization,” before clicking on which of the ten specialists, from Ajax through to Torque, you applied the skin to, should inch you closer to fixing the problem. From there, select “Outfits” and then, finally, “Muertos.” Voila! All of your skeleton-related pains will have come to an end.

For those, however, who are having trouble with Black Ops Pass content not popping at all, your best bet would be to contact Activision Support on Twitter and raise the issue with them as the account is constantly keeping up with replies and offering up help in times of need.

Image: srkanoo06 on Reddit