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Black Ops 4 8791742004717 Error Code – How to Fix

Black Ops 4 8791742004717 is a fatal error code that players are currently experiencing in Call of Duty Black Ops 4Although the game was released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, this fatal error code is only affecting PC players at present. Here’s a guide on how to resolve fatal error code 8791742004717.

Black Ops 4 8791742004717 Error Code Explained

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has received widespread critical acclaim, as many people claim that it is the best installment the franchise has seen in years. However, it has launched amidst a range of highly problematic errors, the latest of which is fatal error code 8791742004717.

Fatal error code 8791742004717 has been reported on Reddit and described as a game-breaking error that causes the player to lose all progress from their current match. This error causes the screen to turn black, but the audio from the game continues to play. The audio then loops the last heard sound effect, before displaying the error and forcing the player to close the game. The error can happen in any mode at any time, meaning that players can lose progress in any given match.

How to Fix Black Ops 4 8791742004717 Error Code

Our previous fatal error code guide, although for a different code, is still perfectly apt in relation to rectifying this fatal error. This is because as of now, there is no official fix. Among many other issues players have experienced, reports from players have stated that in some cases Black Ops 4 won’t launch, and that theater is crashing every time it’s booted up.

While there are certain ways of improving performance hypothetically speaking, there is potential for these errors to persist until Treyarch offers a solution with more longevity. For now, PC players can do their best to decrease the risk of experiencing an error while playing, but the risk remains nonetheless. It is likely that Treyarch will release a solution for all of the problems players have been reporting soon.