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Black Ops 4 897625509 Error Code – How to Fix

The Black Ops 4 error 897625509 and aren’t able to get back into the game on PC. This is similar to previous Black Ops 4 error codes that we’ve covered before. However, this one seems far more severe than the other Fatal Error code many are getting on the PC platform. So how do you fix it? And why are you receiving this error code in the first place? Let’s take a look.

What is Black Ops 4 Error 897625509?

The Black Ops 4 Error 897625509 is a bug that many PC players of the game are receiving, according to Reddit. They are encountering it whenever they try to boot the game up. When they get to the first loading screen of the game, they’re confronted by Black Ops 4 Error 897625509 and they cannot continue into the full game. Some have suggested that this may be a server side error, however, the bug seems to be limited to PC players at the moment. It also looks like this error has been appearing alongside with the recent update for the game.

How to Fix Black Ops 4 Error 897625509?

The most common solution to fix the Black Ops 4 Error 897625509 is by running a Scan and Repair on the game. This is done through the Battle.Net client that launches the title on PC. To do this you need to navigate to Black Ops 4  menu on the client. It is on the bottom left-hand side of the program. Click on the logo for the game and it will take you to its menu. From there click on the ‘Options’ pull-down which you will find right under the ‘GAMES’ tab on the top taskbar. From there click on ‘Scan and Repair’ which will have a spanner image next to it. This will scan your game files to see if anything is corrupted and will update the files accordingly.

It is also worth noting that a lot of players have found that updating their Nvidia drivers also fixes the issue. Additionally, Treyarch may remove this issue out when the game next updates.

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