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Black Ops 4 Classified Pack-a-Punch Location – How to Turn on Power and Get to Groom Lake

The Pack-a-Punch location in the Black Ops 4 Classified Zombies map is well hidden. You’ll need to build a Teleport Signal Amplifier, raise the status to DEFCON 5, and access the hidden Groom Lake area. There’s plenty of secrets hidden in the map, and this is a good one to start with as it doesn’t take long and shows you a lot of points to branch off and find other secrets. Below we’ll show you each step to finding the Pack-a-Punch location in Classified in Black Ops 4.

How to Build the Teleport Signal Amplifier to Open the Way to the Pack-a-Punch in Classified

When you start the level, you need to make a decision. You can either get the parts for the Teleport Signal Amplifier first or turn the power on first. I opt to get the amplifier parts first since you can just collect them on the way to turn on the power, but it’s up to you.

To build the Teleport Signal Amplifier in Classified, you need to acquire three parts. Each of these items can spawn in different places, but each one only has about three locations each that they can be at, so you don’t have to roam the level in search of them.

First Teleport Signal Amplifier Part – Cover

Black Ops 4 Classified First Amplifier Part

The part closest to where you spawn is the cover. To get this, you just need to head down the hall to the Main Offices. It’s the big room with the two American flags on the wall.

The cover can appear in one of three places:

  • Underneath the left American flag, propped against the table.
  • Behind a desk in a hallway branching off the Main Offices.
  • On an overturned desk in the middle of the Main Offices.

Second Teleport Signal Amplifier Part – Wiring

Black Ops 4 Classified Second Amplifier Part

You’ll need to proceed down to the Laboratories to get this part. To get to the labs. Use the elevator in the office areas to go down to the War Room. On the lower level of the War Room, you can find a cargo elevator to unlock. Use this elevator, and it will take you to the Laboratories.

The doors in the labs are helpfully marked, so finding this part is a cinch. Again, the wiring will be in one of only three places in the room marked Morgue.

  • On a desk in the back of the room near some X-Rays
  • Inside a cylinder near the examination table with the body on it.
  • In the side room with the teddy bear on a desk.

On the way to the next part, you’ll need to turn on the power (details below).

Third Teleport Signal Amplifier Part – Lid

Black Ops 4 Classified Third Amplifier Part

To get the third and final part you’ll need to turn on the power and return to the War Room. The first thing you need to do is raise the DEFCON level to 5. To do this, you need to flip four switches. Each switch is marked by a big DEFCON sign beside it, so they’re hard to miss if you’re looking for them.

First DEFCON Switch

Black Ops 4 Classified First DEFCON Switch

You can find this switch near where you can buy the Spitfire weapon.

Second DEFCON Switch

Black Ops 4 Classified Second DEFCON Switch

Make as if you’re coming down from the elevator to the offices and turn left. You can’t miss the switch.

Third DEFCON Switch

Black Ops 4 Classified Third DEFCON Switch

Head down the steps to the lower level and take the left staircase down. You’ll see the DEFCON switch right in front of you.

Fourth DEFCON Switch

Black Ops 4 Classified Fourth DEFCON Switch

This switch is located in the small server room adjacent to the War Room. Just walk in and head straight back and you’ll see the switch.

Once you reach DEFCON 5, you need to go through the teleporter in the middle of the War Room. This will transport you to the Panic Room. The lid only spawns in one place, and that’s a small room directly in front of where you spawn after being teleported. A hidden room will open in front of you and when transport in and you’ll need to grab the lid fast before it closes. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait for the DEFCON level to reset and start the process over.

How to Turn on the Power in Black Ops 4 Classified

Black Ops 4 Classified Power Switch

Turning on the power in Classified is just a brief pit stop. Either before or after you pick up the second amplifier part, you can do this.

In the Laboratories, you need to go to the door marked South Lab. Just inside the door is a switch. Flip it, and you restore power to the whole facility.

How to Build to Teleport Signal Amplifier to Get to the Pack-a-Punch Machine in Black Ops 4 Classified

Now that you have all three pieces of the amplifier, you need to put it together. To do this, you need to find one of two workbenches in the level.

First Workbench Location

Black Ops 4 Classified First Workbench

If you take the teleporter to the Laboratories, you can find a workbench in the room marked Weapon Testing.

Second Workbench Location

Black Ops 4 Classified Second Workbench

You can find the second workbench by heading back up to the offices and looking in Central Filing near the door that leads to the Main Offices.

Either workbench will allow you to put together the pieces of the amplifier.

How to Teleport to Groom Lake to Find the Pack-a-Punch Machine in Black Ops 4 Classified

Now that the amplifier is built you can teleport to Groom Lake! Head back to the War Room and attach the amplifier to the machine to the left of the teleporter in the middle of the lower level. Once it’s affixed, you’ll need to repeat the steps you took to get to the panic room.

Flip all four switches to raise the DEFCON level to 5. Once you do this, go back to the teleporter in the middle of the War Room, and you’ll notice an icon you’ve never seen before. Step into it, and you’ll be teleported to Groom Lake.

Right next to where you spawn in Groom Lake you’ll see the Pack-a-Punch machine. Now you can reap the fruits of your labor.

What Does the Pack-a-Punch Machine do in Black Ops 4 Classified?

Black Ops 4 Classified Pack-a-Punch Machine

So, what do you get for all that hard work? Like the other Black Ops 4 Zombies levels, the Pack-a-Punch machine lets you spend 5,000 points to upgrade a weapon. Each weapon you throw in the machine will give you different results, but for the most part, you can look for them to cause more damage and have bigger magazines.

After you’ve upgraded a weapon, you can re-pack it for 2,500 points, and that will further enhance it to deal elemental damage.